Survivor 3 Pearl Islands (Bulgaria) – /Episode 8 of 52/

(Jivko) – I found my way that’s leading me towards happiness in Survivor (Jivko) – There’s God and he gave me this opportunity to be here with them (Ivan) – I’m happy for him because atleast he will be in the company of 9 women tonight… he will be touched… tied up and touched… (Ivan) […]

Survivor 3 Pearl Islands (Bulgaria) – /Episode 7 of 52 – part 2/ + English Subtitles

(Yanita) – In order for you to win, just step hard on it… a balance challenge, I guess (Silvia R) – We must balance on a beam or something, I guess (Yanita) – It will be a challenge about balance but it will be harder this time (Silvia R) – Maybe one person from each […]

Keith Eats Everything At Wendy’s

– On November 15, 1969, in Columbus, Ohio, Dave Thomas opened his first old-fashioned hamburger restaurant. The burgers would feature square patties so customers could see the quality of the meat. He would name this restaurant after his fourth child, Melinda Lou Wendy Thomas. Today, I’m eating everything at Wendy’s. Their current slogan? We got […]

I Went Exploring & Found $100,000 in Abandoned Treasure Chest… (Treasure Hunt Challenge)

If treasure is what you seek then you’re in luck. Oh,oh gosh But then I came closer and I realized that looks like there’s actually some sort of note inside there Oh my gosh Honestly, I have no clue why just found but I think it’s some sort of ancient knows if treasure is What […]

Living in Iceland VLOG

hi guys and welcome back to my channel so it’s week six and unfortunately it’s been a bit of a week of having the lurkey but that hasn’t stopped me so we had in where’s nephew over to stay this week we took them to feed the ducks in time I joined a life drawing […]

Escape The HALLOWEEN Haunted House Challenge! BOX FORT High School (Roleplay)

quiet down quiet down class welcome back to a new day of school today is a very special day because it’s my favorite holiday Halloween I am quite a fan of it so today I thought we would talk about Halloween dude Halloween safety come on I know how to trick-or-treat this is my first […]

24 HOUR ABANDONED TREEHOUSE CHALLENGE! Escaping Hacker, Spies or Worse?

what’s going on guys is Papa Jake here and Before we jump into the video you’re probably wondering Papa Jake why are you in a tree for it Papa Jake why is there a box for buying you Papa Jake why does it look like you have a showered in three days well all those […]

BOX FORT ZOMBIE BASE Vs ZOMBIE HORDE!! 📦😱 The Walking Dead Box Fort!

oh that shot that was a close call alright guys I got the fire started this place is a mess the rain broke down the fence we had a walker get in you almost got me thankfully Logan took care of him but we’re not gonna survive much longer we need to repair this fence […]

I Found BIGFOOT in Real Life using SPY GADGETS 😱 (Sasquatch Evidence)

this is weird no no no this can’t be this can’t be this is got the wrong it’s gotta be wrong that’s where we are whoa what’s wrong I took those photos that I had from our last survival challenge in the woods and I went on to the Bigfoot hunter forums and I sent […]

Throwing a Dart at a Map & Buying Whatever it Lands on!!! Sis VS Bro Challenge!

[Thunk] Yes! Best Buy, yes! I got Best Buy! [Cheering] Today we’re doing “Throw the Dart at the Map Challenge”! [Kids cheering] Whatever the dart lands on you get to do or buy. We each get to throw the dart three times. If you land on anything white, then you get nothing. This gives you […]