$315 In-N-Out Animal Style Burger and Fries | Fancy Fast Food | Mythical Kitchen

Pickett’s Charge Burger Challenge in Gettysburg!!

Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of FoodChallenges.com. Extra Extra excited tonight! I’ve been wanting to come to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for years! I’m here going for win #322 at Blue & Grey Bar & Grill, taking on their Pickett’s Charge Challenge! Gettysburg was a very famous […]

Kimchi Hamburgers and Bulgogi Fries in Texas — K-Town

– This week on K-Town, we’re gonna to go to this place in Carrollton, Texas, which is a little bit north of Dallas and it’s considered the new Korea Town here. And there’s these two brothers that actually grew up in L.A.’s Korea Town. They’re gonna do their spin on the all-American burger. That means […]


Hey everybody this is Randy Santel “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of foodchallenges.com. Very very excited today I’m going for overall win number 368 I’m in Prestonsburg Kentucky i’m at Billy Ray’s Restaurant on taking on their Big Billy Burger Challenge! Now this is undefeated so I’m very excited to challenge […]

Best Burger in Sydney? Mary’s Burger and Betty’s Burger

Hello everybody, hope you all having a wonderful day, today I am at the Circular Quay and today I will try the burger you have requested Mary’s burger and Betty’s burger burger so yeah I’m gonna try those burgers if you’re new to my channel my name is Walter and I am from Sydney Australia […]

A Great Dining Experience with Burger & Lobster Singapore 🇸🇬

I’ll give you the good one. This one looks healthy too. The black colour looks good. 2.4 (kg) should be fine. 1kg $130. You’re record? Yeah. I’m recording. Now the monster here. Wah! Okay, got it got it. Okay bro. Got it. Yeah. Don’t be scared. This is already clean. Okay can cook. Ha ha […]

Le Meilleur Burger À Queenstown ?! | Vlog Nouvelle Zélande (2020) ENG SUB

it’s not hot! we just wake up with an amazing view it’s beautiful today the programme like i said last time it’s wanaka! not a lot of things to do there but yeah wanaka and after queenstown yep it’s gonna be cool it’s gonna be really cool this morning i just found a little cross […]

Angler’s Beachside Bar & Grill, Okaloosa Island, Florida

hahahaha lets see if it works Hey today, we’re at the boardwalk we’re headed over to anglers right there actually it’s right over there Anglers We’re down a man Coleton is with his grandma today. So it’s just me and Mama We’re about to head overthere, and we’re going to go check it out so… […]

Doha Burger Festival & Al Wakalat Car Market In Qatar Malayalam Vlog

Welcome to my another video Where I am now is at the Burger Festival and wakalat car market near to aspire Here are the views from my video Watch full video to see the attractions this is wakalat car market Let’s see what’s in here A large number of new and old carts have been […]