Oh no the squeeze! Wow. Wow. Ohh good morning! Good morning! Good morning, guys. I’m feeling a lot better after a serious rest. I took a shower last night right after I said goodbye to Marko and preceded to vomit everywhere. Still feel a little bit weak but I do feel a lot better. Maybe […]

Trying to build the island in the SOUTH CHINA SEA, CHINA will again push the PHILIPPINES into the US

Analysts said if China’s intention to build artificial islands illegally on Scarborough Shoal would threaten the confidence that China has just established with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte after a turbulent period since 2012. By the middle of 2016. Chinese media quoted the so-called “Chinese city of Sansha” as saying last week that Chinese authorities would […]

JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL 2 Music #1 Best BOSSA NOVA Smooth Soft Slow Cool Lounge Beach Playlist Study Songs

JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL 2 Music #1 Best BOSSA NOVA Smooth Soft Slow Cool Lounge Beach Playlist Study Songs

What is Wales?

You’re watching Vagabrothers. We’re in Wales, and this is the world’s fastest Zipline. Let’s go. 3-2-1 We are going to switch to Go Pro, and we’re going to get in the ocean. Let’s go. What’s up Vagabuddies? And welcome back. This is the first episode in a five-part series about one of the most fascinating […]

What is the Basque Country? | Travel Documentary

Well guys as you can see, we are in yet another incredible place No big whoop you know, what? studying booty, stunning booty, natural booty. Anyways guys hopefully you’re starting to get the picture that the Basque Country is super diverse. It’s got amazing stories, and it’s a place that we’re really passionate about Anyway, […]


Good morning Vagabuddies. Well our adventure through Wales is taking us, finally, into the south into Brecon Beacons National Park. We’re staying at the Coach House, which is a lovely bed and breakfast here in Brecon, which has supposedly one of the best breakfast in all of Wales. It’s 7:45 in the morning. We have […]

How to Bargain in Latin America | Cusco Travel Shopping Challenge

What’s up everybody? Welcome back to Vagabrothers. Right now we are in Cusco, Peru and today we have a very fun challenge for you. Cusco has been a natural crossroad since before Incan times, and the markets here are some of the most colorful in Latin America. So before we go home, we decide to […]


Good Morning. We’re going to Northern Ireland. It looks like we’ve just crossed over into Northern Ireland. Didn’t see any markings or any border or anything like that. First thing that we noticed is that it went from kilometers an hour to speed limit in miles per hour. We’re just a couple of miles outside […]

Quebec City | Birthplace of French Canada

I don’t know where Alex went, but I think he just went off and joined the army. Orders in English, Alex? Hey? [Translation] Are they in English, Alex? In French. In French? Yes Squeeze the trigger. Cover your ears. Fire Wow Excellent Good morning, Vagabuddies. Welcome back. Right now it is a beautiful morning in […]


[Whistling GOT Theme] You’re watching Vagabrothers. We’re in Northern Ireland, and today we ride to Winterfell. [ I’ll take care of this impudent mortal myself] As you might know, Game of Thrones was filmed here in Northern Ireland, its location for the north and Winterfell. Alex, what’s the plan for today? We’re on a mission. […]