The Life of Deer – Amazing Deer Live in the Zoo #37

ASMR: Arnaq Plays Chess [CAPTIONS AVAILABLE] Soft spoken greenlandic language triggers

Faroe Islands – RoadTrip to Tórshavn

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Helicopter trip in the Faroe Islands

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Oh no the squeeze! Wow. Wow. Ohh good morning! Good morning! Good morning, guys. I’m feeling a lot better after a serious rest. I took a shower last night right after I said goodbye to Marko and preceded to vomit everywhere. Still feel a little bit weak but I do feel a lot better. Maybe […]

Kim Eriksen – Eriagisaq

I started on the bone in july. I got it to start on. When my aunt died, we went to Sisimiut for the burial, where I thought the time was right to tell my parents that I wanted to ask my girlfriend to marry me. Right when I said it, my father came to me […]

Malka-e-Kohsar Murree is a Heaven

hello to you this is our point right here there you go the real landscape between these two majestic trees I am shivering with the cold The landscapes are very fine here And Too much cold air according to the website the temperature here is almost minus 2 degree Celsius Here is our squad It […]

HAWAII BEACHES #1 WAVES DVD HD Video Relaxing Ocean Sounds Best Beach Relax Nature Sleep Relaxation

#1 HAWAII BEACH Video Relaxing Wave Sounds Best Ocean Videos HD HAWAII BEACHES DVD Relaxation Sound

WIKITONGUES: Sister So’oalo speaking Samoan

Hello my name is Sister So’oalo I come from Samoa It is a beautiful country I have 5 sisters and 2 brothers Samoa is a beautiful island There are many houses the land is beautiful so green and everyone cares for one another Subtitles by the community

Exploring Oia, Falling in love with Santorini

I woke up and dressed up. I packed my clothes. I got on the train to get here from John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) in New York City. I will fly to London this afternoon. I will land there during red-eye flight and waiting until 8:00 in morning. Finally, I will fly to Santorini […]