The Simpsons Arrive In Paradise | Season 31 Ep. 7 | THE SIMPSONS

Dawn of the Dead (4/11) Movie CLIP – The Dead Will Walk the Earth (2004) HD

– ‘And how does this spread?’|- This is shit. The same thing all day. Tell me something I don’t know, asshole! – ‘we’re going off the air… ‘|- wanna hear something that sucks? ‘… and switching to|the emergency broadcasting system.’ – You know that chick at dairy queen?|- ‘I don’t know when we’ll be back.’ […]

Best Burger In San Fransisco

You can go Straight To Board. Thank You. Thank You. Do you need water. Thank You. Hello. Hello. Sorry. Sorry, Thank You. We’re just on our way to San Francisco. We’re going to land in California, go through San Francisco to Yosemite, then down the coast to LA. Bit of work, bit of holiday. Hopefully […]