62 countries are controlling entry from South Korea

more and more countries are restricting entry from South Korea to deal with some cases where people have been mistreated the Korean government is stepping up efforts on the diplomatic front moon conn-young reports more than 60 countries are restricting the entry of people traveling from South Korea either through stronger quarantine measures or outright […]

Quick Guide to Thousand Islands | Fort Henry | 1000 Islands via Gananoque

Hi There! Welcome to Tint Taste Tour. Today I’ll be taking you on a journey to Thousand Islands and Fort Henry. We started our journey from Toronto to Gananoque by car it’s around 3 hour’s. The parking lot, the ticket office and the cruise departure point are very close by each other. There are different […]

A Walk to Dharmadam Island | Kannur | Kerala

Hello and welcome to a new chapter of review cocktail. We are now at Dharmadam beach in the Kannur district Kerala. Our aim is to reach the Dharmadam island which is near to Dharmadam beach. We have Renith with us. We have some new guests with us, Shyam who suggested this place, also we have […]


we’re going to take tiko for a walk our daily routine every morning we are going to gather this wood for fire wood we are going camping, gonna use this wood for cooking wood from this fallen tree a pine tree, not bad for fire wood gonna grab some coffee what do you want? gimme […]

1983 NATO vs Warsaw Pact – Who would have won WW3 (Part 3)

December the 20, 1983. World War 3 started in November. After 40 days, the Warsaw Pact armies have reached the River Rhine. They have an enormous numerical advantage over NATO 50.000 tanks, 30.000 cannons, 4.000.000 men. it appears impossible to drive them back. The general Bernard Rogers, the NATO commander, thinks that NATO has no […]


We just arrived at Komodo island or Flores How do we say it? Flores We are going to the Komodo’s tommorow I think you are so funny Look how Annemarie looks We are now walking to our hotel I already got shit on my shoes… You guys are really excited to walk, right? Where do […]

[개스타일] 누더기 유기견에서 백마탄 왕자로 !! / abandoned poodle grooming {CC SUB}

getstyle TV should you come out? scared scared A chatty child appeared you have a lot to say not only her leg hair, but his whole body is tangled expect today I think she missed other people’s hand she’s too good to control his feelings when are we going to get rid of all the […]

Ep57 BLUE DREAM, Eivissa, Ibiza/Formentera Part 7 Ses Illetes, Espalmador

We have reached Espalmador, A heavenly place! It’s a big bay with a beautiful white sand! And here in our bow, today’s sunset! Now we are going to have dinner, Pau is waiting for us. How beautiful is the sunset! – But what is this so delicious? – Burger – Are you going to eat […]

Cat island 3 – Incredible

Hello friends. This is Istanbul Fenerbahçe. Who want to adopt a cat, please do not go to petshops. Here; There are beautiful cats that you will not find in any petshop. In this way; you will have saved a cat from the street. And you don’t give money to those who trade animals. We would […]