For Pacific Mole Crabs It’s Dig or Die | Deep Look

Chaotic, turbulent, harsh … The ocean’s edge … isn’t the easiest place to make a home. And yet, someone one does. Pacific mole crabs – also called sand crabs. You’ve probably seen the little holes they make. They spend their lives just under the surface of the sand, waves crashing overhead. That ever-present flux offers […]

Why no aquarium has a great white shark

There are some shark species that seem to do okay in aquariums. You’ll see a lot of nurse sharks, zebra sharks, some reef sharks and sand tiger sharks. But not the great white. For decades, aquariums have tried to contain the world’s largest predatory fish. Institutions like Marineland, SeaWorld and the Steinhart Aquarium repeatedly took […]

Whack! Jab! Crack! It’s a Blackback Land Crab Smackdown | Deep Look

Lauren: Hi there, it’s Lauren. You’re about to watch the last Deep Look of 2018. If you want to get the inside track on what’s coming in January, join our community on Patreon! Link in the description. Curiosity Stream: Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supporting PBS Digital Studios. Lauren: Scoring that prime beach spot can […]