um Island herum Teil 2, Gletscher und weitere Wasserfälle | the big round trip #09

It was just sunny and now rainy again, but they also say: If you don’t like the weather in Iceland, just wait 5 min. And it’s exactly like that, but actually it stopped already. Btw., behind me is the glacier Eyjafjallajökull, with the volcano which erupted 2010 and stopped the air traffic in Europe. And […]

34 Things People Google the Most

With almost 5 billion people using the Internet these days, it may seem hard to find information that will make you go “Wow!” That’s why it’s so amazing that there are still some facts that can surprise even the most knowledgeable people on the planet! Like me. Ha. – The chances are that Earth once […]

TVJ Midday News: Brazen Attack in Dover, St. Catherine – December 11 2019

Grafton innovation brown with the midday news a special welcome if you are watching on one spot Mediacom the police are trying to ascertain whether an unreported conflict could have led to last night’s incident in Davos and Catherine in which gunmen shot nine persons for fatally no motive has been established for the attack […]

ScienceCasts: Greenland’s Thinning Ice

[ MUSIC ] Greenland’s Thinning Ice – presented by [email protected] With temperatures around the world climbing, melt waters from the continental ice sheets of Greenland and Antarctica are raising sea levels. Those ice sheets are melting from both above and below. Much of the ice lost from ice sheets comes from a process called calving […]


The Great White Shark—one of the most feared predators in the seas. This is one of the most dangerous sharks in the world, considered by many to be a man-eater. But just how aggressive are these sharks? Join me on an expedition to investigate great white sharks. Hi, I’m Jonathan Bird and welcome to my […]

Eat With Que Changing Her Look She’s Almost to 400K | Quadruple Burger

hi everybody Oh welcome welcome welcome to tasty my brain tastes a mukbang tasty my buddy taste McBain eats y’all tasty month Bane eats here to do her thing you guys I am here again with the quadruple burger that I just got through making this is a veggie burger made with veggie patties I […]

Hilltop Cafe Diner: Mountain Burger Challenge

Welcome fellow travelers today on Exit Thru the Gift Shop we are visiting the Hilltop Cafe home of famous pies This classic American style diner first opened its doors in 1946 and has been serving the breakfast and lunch daily ever since true to its name the diner sits on a hilltop halfway along the […]

CEERES of Interviews with Lenore Grenoble

my name is Alan singer Minh I’m rising 6th year PhD student in the Linguistics department here at the University of Chicago I’m here today with Professor Lenore Grenoble who is our department chair and one of the co-chairs on my dissertation committee and she’s a very popular instructor and researcher within the department and […]

NFL Picks Week 15 – Sports Gambling Podcast

This week. 15 NFL picks edition of the sports gaming podcast is presented by Mike Bucky. Dad Agee right now to honor football, my Bookie’s offering up to $1,000 in free bets using the promo code S, G, P, and that’s right up to $1,000 in bonus bets and your first deposit when you use […]

Ian Rush reveals why Liverpool will be glad they lost top spot in

  Liverpool fans were left frustrated at the weekend when their goalless draw at Everton saw them surrender the Premier League top spot   Manchester City leapfrogged the Reds as a result of their weekend win over Bournemouth leaving the Reds concerned entering the title run-in   Yet Liverpool legend Ian Rush reckons his former […]