[Weather] ‘Bad’ levels of fine dust while Jeju has rain in store for Christmas day

ultrafine dust level soared on Tuesday forcing many people to wear masks if you all wanted a don’t fit it away just yet as you might need it tomorrow on Christmas Day especially if you’re in congedo province Sejong the chungcheong-do provinces holo-book the province Tagore Council book tour where fine dust is expected to […]

Jeju Olle Trail Camping Thru-Hike Part Four: Route 13 to Route 18-1 제주 올레길

Hey! Welcome to part four of our Jeju Olle Trail walk this is the final section of our journey we are heading from here, Route 13 all the way back to Jeju City where we started about 3 weeks ago If you’ve missed any of the journey so far you can check it out by […]

[VLOG] VLOG in Jeju EP.2 | #제주도 하면 #한라산 먹어야지!! feat. 주네 축가 | SUB

We are now at the wedding It is so beautiful that I want to film this with my camera Oh, there, the groom! He is my manager, who is getting married today I am jealous I am so so jealous You are telling me to get married too? It still is not the time for […]

Jeju Olle Trail Camping Thru-Hike Part Three: Route 7 to Route 12 제주 올레길

Hey guys! Welcome to Part Three of our Jeju Olle Trail videos in parts one and two we walked from Jeju City to here, Seogwipo, all down the east coast and for now we’re outside the Jeju Olle centre about to head off on Route 7 AND, we don’t need to get our stamps today […]