Fish Prosperity Burger | 年年有”魚”漢堡好吃嗎??? | 酷着吃

Hi I’m Rku Gongxifacai Happy CNY! I cant really feel the CNY vipe now, but i still permed my hair to welcome CNY One of the Must-Do in CNY is to eat McD Prosperity Burger There are some slight difference between every years’ prosperity burger, they now have FISH versionSo, i will be eating the […]

长沙Day 2 – 橘子洲|金记糖油佗佗 | Changsha Day2 – Juzizhou Park | Hunan style donuts [Eng sub]

We just got the spicy numbing beef rice noodles I also added an extra egg with minced pork “patty with egg” OK, patty with egg same thing let’s try it spicy numbing beef first hard to chew the beef is dry texture is like beef jerky texture is so hard The spicy and numbing taste […]