Guys… I don’t know what time it is But I just woke up to that… It’s like from “The Ring!” Scary. What’s up, guys? Welcome back to our road
trip across Northern England. Right now, we are in York, one of the most
beautiful cities in the country, and also, one of the most haunted. So we’re going to start things off by going on a ghost tour. We are going to hit all of the most haunted
places in this town, in one night. Are you ready to get supernatural? Let’s do
it! Wooooooo I’m Mark Graham, and I run the original ghost
walk of York. You might see one. We’re going to walk around the city history, mystery,folklores, and legends. Real ghost stories. The ghosts are this way. The first ghost story I’d like to tell concerns
that bridge. Days gone by, we used to behead people. Used to place their head on a spike. Spike would go through the neck and out the
top. It’s haunted by a boy, ten or eleven years
old He’s as surprised to see you, as you are to to see him. I think general opinion is pretty evenly divided on whether or not ghosts are real. What are your thoughts? I don’t really believe, but I know my brother had a recent experience. I did, indeed. I was not a believer, and I’m not a Belieber, but now, I’m a believer. Well my ghost story takes place in Tallinn,
Estonia. We were in an Airbnb in the old town This was one of the few buildings that got
bombed in the second world war. It was obliterated, but only the top part
of the building. So we were on the 5th floor. There was the 6th floor above us. I was all alone in the room that night, and I basically had an experience with a poltergeist There was a series of noises. It sounded like somebody sliding a table on the ceiling above me. Then footsteps. Then the door shutting. Then footsteps running down the stairs. And then finally a very large kaboom! That series of noises started a 1 a.m. and continued until 6 a.m. And I was kept up all night. I had cold chills I had a very strange encounter where I said, “Ghosts aren’t real.” And right when I said that, the series of noises happened again. And there was a final kaboom which shook the
floor that I was sleeping on. I had to stay there all night. it was really uncomfortable. So we’ll see. Hopefully, I don’t meet any other ghosts tonight because I didn’t enjoy it. If you guys have ghost experiences, please
put them in the comment box because I’m super curious. Interesting little tidbit to add two things:
first of all we’d heard the thumping a couple nights before, but we’d thought there were people partying because the upstairs room was also rented out in Airbnb. But when I went up there, it had actually been empty the whole weekend. Weird. Stranger still. Afterwards we logged
onto Airbnb and looked at the other reviews, and lo and behold, the people right before us
had said, “Amazing place. Excellent view of the old
town.” But, all night on our last night, it sounded like elephants were playing sports
above us. Coincidence? We’ve got to go. The oldest pub in York is the Black Swan 1417, and it’s haunted by a choking sensation. It’s not unusual to see people collapse at the bar when people sleep walk from room to room, awoken by some strange noise and find themselves in cupboards, corridors, other people’s bedrooms. There’s a ghostly figure that dissolves
on the stairs. A great old pub full of history All right, guys, well whether or not you believe
in ghosts, that was a fun way to spend the evening. We’re going to wrap it up by heading back
to the hotel to grab a pint at the Guy Fawkes Inn. Guy Fawkes, you might recognize from his mask which was made famous by the movie V for Vendetta. But here in the U.K., he is famous for trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament. Every 5th of November there is a bonfire night which is where they burn his effigy in the street to celebrate the fact that his treasonous
plot failed. Treasonous plot or not fact remains that he was born in my hotel room. And the rumors say that his ghost still haunts that place. So I’m going to drink myself into a drunken stupor and pass out because I don’t want to have any ghost stories… more ghost stories
tonight. Well, you know… It could be a worst ghost to be visited by. Yeah, except he’s a pyromaniac. Bad I slept here last night and didn’t have any problems So fingers crossed that that is the same story tonight because I’m not looking for any unexpected visitors, any bumps in the night. Guys, I don’t know what time it is, but I
just woke up to that. It’s like from [the film] “The Ring.” Scary How do I turn this thing off? And the bell strikes 9:00. Well, that was….. kind of a weird way to wake up. Not going to lie. Pretty spooky. Could be coincidence. Could be Guy Fawkes. Thank god he didn’t burn my room down. It’s a wet, but lovely morning here in York, and we are going to explore York’s chocolate scene. York is famous for its chocolate. We’re going to find out why. But I do know that they invented the chocolate oranges here…the ones you smash and they open up, which are some of my favorites. Today’s Sunday roast is going to be a special treat at a country pub. But we’re starting off, as one does, with chocolate for breakfast. Well, we just got to York’s chocolate story, which is going to teach us not just the history of how chocolate got to York, but also how to make some chocolate. Long story short, cacao and cocoa have been consumed in Central America for thousands of years. It was a sacred drink for the Aztecs and the Maya. When Central America was conquered by the Spanish, the conquistadors brought cocoa beens back to Spain. Over the next couple hundred years, the recipes and cocoa beens spread through Europe and eventually arrived here in England. Here in York, the industry was built by Quakers because their religion prohibited them from dealing with simple things such as alcohol. Chocolate, at that time, was not considered simple. Although now, we can get a bit gluttonous. A couple different families founded a lot of the brands that we now know today, including KitKat, York Peppermint Patties you guys might recognize from the States And those lovely Terry’s chocolate oranges. We’ve learned a little bit about the history, and now we’re going to dive in and try to make some ourselves. Let’s go. So today we are going to make some chocolate lollipops and some chocolate bars and then some chocolate truffles. With the white chocolate, I’m going to give some fruit because it’s always like white chocolate and raspberries. This is toffee with caramel. So the next challenge is to make some chocolate bars. The difference here is that we’re going to put the ingredients in before we pour the chocolate. For the white chocolate, I’m using blueberries, and to complement that, some honey. Yes. Look at that. It’s just grand. This is like being at Willy Wonka and the
chocolate factory Good thing I don’t work here because I would deplete the entire supply of all ingredients just nibbling all day. After a week there, they’d say, “Where’s everything gone?” I’d be like…. I don’t know. See you later. Bye [sigh] Yum All right. Time to get Sunday roast. Well that was a fun drive. Oh yeah. Right now we’re about 45 minutes outside York, in the small town of Sancton. I’m excited because we’re about to knock out three birds with one stone. We are at the start of Sancton, which is a country-gastro pub. We’re going to have a Sunday lunch and a Yorkshire pudding, all super typical for this region. So we’re going to head inside and meet the chef, Ben, who’s going to show us how to make a Yorkshire pudding, and then wine and dine us. Sound good? I’m excited. Time to feast. The Yorkshire pudding I’m about to show you it’s simple steps…. and that is the beef drippings the 5 ounce of flour 1/4 of a pint of milk 1/4 of a pint of our secret ingredient 5 eggs salt and pepper and some sage. Then we’ll put into the hot Yorkshire pudding tins in the oven 25 minutes on a real hot temperature. Wow I love that slow, braised oxtail and it just falls apart in your mouth. I wish everyday was Sunday. Steak and ale pie, done to perfection. That was a great lunch. I did not know that a pudding was a pastry. Not in America, but this was delicious. Only in Yorkshire. Well guys, if you enjoyed that video, make sure you give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers. Also, if you have any ghost stories, please put them in the comment box. All right guys. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Stay tuned for the rest of the road trip through north of England. Peace.


  • That's a very interesting experience you had, Alex! As I've hear a lot of buildings in the old-town haunt. They also do the old-town ghost tours for adventorous tourists in Tallinn.

    I live also in Tallinn but my ghost experience was actually not in the old-town but in Hiiumaa, the second biggest island in Estonia where my grandma lives. It's rather old house right in the middle of a forest. For years everybody in our family knew something odd was going on in the house or more specifically in the attic. Almost everyday you could hear like somebody was walking in the attic. Few times I woke up at nights to those steps that came from right on top of my or my younger brother's bed.
    But the spookiest part comes now.
    The steps were heard more or less everyday for years till my grandfather died this year. After his death those weird walking noises for some reason stopped.
    Who was walking there and why? All we know is that it's very hard to get to that part of the attic and only ones to go there were tired stray cats that occasionally went there to sleep.

  • The teachers never believed us, but we students knew that our old elementary school was haunted. There was blood on the office ceiling one time…

  • If I knew you guys were in York I could have shown you some of the more hidden amazing sights! Been living here for just over a year and it's a beautiful city!

  • I 100% believe in ghosts having had a few experiences myself. I also find everything about them so interesting and me and my friends go on so many ghost walks when we are visiting different cities. I loved your tour guides accent. Such broad Yorkshire, it reminded me of how my Grandad spoke.

  • Alex is a man after my own heart with the raspberries in the chocolate. That is the BEST combo. Love this video! Your drone footage is amazing as always 🙂 #snapsquad

  • I had an apartment in Columbus. It was a studio and I was told that someone had hung themselves in the room. I am Buddhist so I didn't mind it. The building was on top of a large hill and I was in the 3rd floor front corner room. There were windows in front and on the side. I would always hear walking on the stairs and hall. At one point a number of Buddhist came to visit and I said we should chant for the person to move on. THAT seemed to piss him off. I had noticed sometimes prior when I got in my bed, the corner seemed to go down. This escalated to it seeming like someone was sitting on the corner, then it felt like I was being suffocated by someone sitting on my chest. I awoke a few times to the feeling of having sex. Those stairs and hallway noises seemed to be made by no one when I looked. The biggest thing to happen was when I was watching TV on a really sunny day. I saw the shadow of a man go from the front to the back of the room on the wall opposite me. I realized that NO shadow could be made from the street below. We were on a hill, on the third floor.

  • are Yorkshire Puddings a dessert in America? Never head of that before haha! Most English Sunday meal are Yorkshire puddings. Yumm!

  • A few years back my brother went on a ghost tour and took my camera which was less than a year old. Every photo he took that night had a white orb, every photo taken after that night had a white orb (even after cleaning it) and the camera kept turning itself on and off and zooming in and out even when it was just sitting on the shelf. Still don't know if the camera became possessed or if it was manufacturing issues 😂

  • well now i m gonna unsubscribe because the content on this channel is getting worse and worse. why dont you just be real?

  • I am totally loving this series! You guys and your Ireland series are the main reason I decided to stop making excuses and will finally be taking a trip over there in September. I cannot wait to go and maybe hit up a few of the places you guys mentioned :).

  • one of my most recent stories: I walked into my bathroom and there was a bloody footprint on the floor. Everyone else in my house was asleep

  • When I was younger my sisters and I shared a room at our old ranch, anyways one night I wake up in the middle of the night and I see the silhouette of a man and he's like frantically opening and rummaging through our drawers looking for something, my first thought was that someone broke in so I just lay there watching him, anyways he kept looking through the drawers and mind you, I can see the drawers opening and closing! He moved to the closet next and he was moving your clothes, throwing some stuff out, WHEN MY SISTER WAKES UP and she walked towards the restroom (we had the master bedroom and the door was right next to the closet) when she got to the closet I saw him step back into the closet to let her pass and when she turns on the light, THERE WAS NO ONE THERE!!!!!! So yeah, needless to say I didn't sleep that night lol

  • When I was younger my sisters and I shared a room at our old ranch, anyways one night I wake up in the middle of the night and I see the silhouette of a man and he's like frantically opening and rummaging through our drawers looking for something, my first thought was that someone broke in so I just lay there watching him, anyways he kept looking through the drawers and mind you, I can see the drawers opening and closing! He moved to the closet next and he was moving your clothes, throwing some stuff out, WHEN MY SISTER WAKES UP and she walked towards the restroom (we had the master bedroom and the door was right next to the closet) when she got to the closet I saw him step back into the closet to let her pass and when she turns on the light, THERE WAS NO ONE THERE!!!!!! So yeah, needless to say I didn't sleep that night lol

  • I stayed at a really old inn, can't remember where, I just remember it was pouring rain out and next to a lighthouse. My room was in one of the cottages. I wake up to this white haired man in my room. He takes my necklace off of the tv and places it around my neck as I lie in bed. Then gets up from the side of my bed and proceeds to walk out of the room. I get up to close the door behind him and see the front desk clerk in the hallway. Mind you I'm on autopilot. The clerk yells out, he's a ghost but I'm real please don't hurt me. I just ran to the clerk and consoled him. That ghost's touch was as warm as any human being walking this earth today.

  • Anyone else start singing the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory song while they were making the chocolate!!! Now it's stuck in my head!! Lol (Come with me, and you'll see, In a world of pure imagination!!) #snapsquad

  • lived in York for 21 years, been on those ghost walk a couple of times, sadly not seen any ghosts lol!

  • That ghost tour guide was boss af! I've had a few spectral encounters over my 22 years but the one that stands out the most is when I was renting a room in Portland, OR for a few months, the house always had a bit of a weird vibe to it, but one night I was just drifting off to sleep when I heard what sounded like footsteps in the hall heading toward my room and my door opening, but when I sat up and turned on my light no one was there and my door was shut. After a few min I lay back down to try to go to sleep, but within five min I heard the same thing! Again I sat up and turned on my light and no one there, so I got up to check the house to see if anyone was up or had broken in, but my roommates where asleep and the house was quiet. After being up for a bit I lay down again and finally managed to doze off, I had been asleep for about an hour when I started awake, and heard the footsteps heading to my room again, but this time much louder and more intense! I heard what sounded like my door opening, but this time the footsteps continued to the side of my bed and I heard what sounded like someone standing over me, breathing in a very labored way. I completely froze, trying desperately to think what to do, and finally I worked up enough courage to sit up, ready to fight, I legit thought someone had broken into the house and was standing over me, but when I leapt up no one was there! By this point I was rather panicked and went and woke one of my roommates up to help me check the house, which was completely quiet and undisturbed. The next day I told the owner of the house and her daughter about it and they told me they had heard footsteps upstairs before, heading toward the room I was in! I also swear I saw a dark figure standing at the top of the stairs a couple of times out of the corner of my eye when I was down in the living room, both before and after that night. It was majorly creepy and I was really relieved when I moved, I never quite felt safe in that house after that night.

  • York's such a beautiful city! It's one place I always recommend people to see other than London 🙂

  • I stayed in a room in a basement once, the basement had a big glass sliding door leading out to the backyard. The night I was there I heard knocking on my window around 2am, I thought it was an animal and ignored it, a few minute later I heard knocking on the sliding door and ignored it again. The basement was dead silent the whole time. And just a few seconds later the knocking was on my door. I was the only one to have access to the basement and the only occupant at the time. And yes I cried myself to sleep and almost called 911 for this…

  • So, I don't want to ruin your ghost stories, but I had pretty much the same noises above my room at the attic at my grandparents. It was incredible loud!
    Well, then my uncle managed to catch the reason. It turned out that there were Dormouses (actually really common animals here in Europe) living up there! Usually they live in forests, but they tend to move into attics during winter time. They're night active and can cause massive noise, but they hide when humans appear.
    So, that's my ghost story 😀

  • Grand Indonesia Mall, Jakarta. My sister entered one of the public toilet at the mall, inside the toilet was the usual cubical toilets. As she was about to shut the doors of the toilet, a gentle sensation rub my sisters neck from behind, followed by a mini "hi hi hi" female laughter. She open the door and saw her reflection from the large mirror of the toilet and notice nothing is behind her. So then she thought it was just in her mind, and sound must have come from outside. as she attempt to close the door for the second time, she felt that rub again behind her neck, except this time she knew there was definetly someone rubbing her back in a downward motion. my sister froze for a long second and suddenly heard "hi hi hi" as if the person stands behind her back. my sister slammed the door open. still no one behind her. then she rsn out of the toilet. true story.

    ps. my sister has a flower tattoo on thr back of her neck.

  • Haha I live in York and if its the most haunted city in the world then there cant be many ghosts anywhere.

    During our roadtrip through the South-West of USA me and my friend mainly couch surfed, but one of the days we were driving through the middle of nowhere somewhere around the border of Mexico, New Mexico and Texas. We were lost, hungry and exhausted, it was day 9 of our trip and we ended up staying at this really dodgy motel.

    The whole motel smelled of curry and looked like a sound stage of a gangster movie. We seemed to be the only visitors there and we had a really bad feeling about it.

    We fell asleep pretty fast, yet soon I got woken up by some strange sounds from the other room, as if someone was banging on the wall and moving the furniture. Then it got quiet, until a door slammed and I heard steps that stopped in front of our doors. I looked outside through the window, but nobody was there…

    Well, it was a sleepless night for me and in the morning when we got up, a cockroach the size of our palm lied dead in our bathroom!

    Creepiest and weirdest experience ever!

  • It's like 20 past 12 at night I should NOT be watching this ghosts and spirits freak me out and now I keep looking behind me so I think I'll be sleeping with my light on tonight. My opinion on ghosts and spirits they are one hundred percent real HOWEVER they do not roam the Earth to cause trouble they are good people with unfinished business on earth or they're just chilling and looking out for the family they're not ready to leave. A few mischievous ghost and ghouls exist still here though causing people to be scared like Loftus house in Ireland is totally haunted – you should really read that story or just watch Shona Forsey's latest video she mentions her experience at Loftus house- and they're are a few other places here in Ireland that are a hundred percent haunted okay I love you both but I so can't finish this video so I'm going to go watch some of your non ghost related videos before I fall asleep -C Xx

  • Ghostbusting, chocolate breakfasts and Yorkshire pudding lunches….you can't just make this stuff up…it's got to be real. Great video, but now I'm going on a diet! Yummy.

  • I have no idea what I would do if I had a paranormal experience. I have enough trouble sleeping out in the woods with my active imagination. If I did have something like that happen to me, though, that's literally all I would ever talk about for the rest of my life, haha

  • You guys seriously,,,,,,, BEST job in the world ! My ghost story.. In a condo we lived in a few years ago. Loft upstairs. We would hear LOTS of noises in the night. Sounds of basketballs bouncing, pipes clanging, a bolt of lightning struck our patio one night. And the tv glowed without being turned on ! (with no storms in the area). Glass breaking downstairs (nothing there upon investigation) . I had a fav. Spatula for grilling (I am a chef ) came up missing for like a month,,, and then one morning opened the drawer and it was sitting right on top ! Thankfully the ghost stayed there when we moved !!

  • Aww loved this! (obv) …it's a pity the most haunted/oldest house in York isn't open to the public anymore! I used to LOVE going there. So freaky. The TV turning on was just…Poltergeist.

  • York is so gorgeous! I love it there. The one experience that stands out most to me was actually on a ghost walk in Edinburgh, which I wasn't expecting. I went into this ghost walk like, ok it'll be spooky and they'll play tricks on us but nothing will happen. A few weird things happened (scratches and seeing this little boy with a couple who turned out to not have a kid) we were in this random tomb where they were telling us about another part of the graveyard and all of a sudden I got cold from the inside out, if that makes sense? And I literally couldn't move. Like, I was trying to step back and I couldn't move my legs or feet at all. They ended up having to pull me out because I was crying so much. I had an overwhelming feeling of sadness and was terrified because I couldn't move. I'll never be going back there again :') Another fab video, boys!

  • I used to work in a place called Bowman Cottage (1820) and it houses a tea room and the local Parks and Wildlife office. I worked in the tea room and occasionally upstairs covering library books. I had a few ghostly experiences working there. The first happened whilst in the kitchen on a very quiet day as I was making scones and damper when I felt a presence come up behind me and then it felt like a hand on my shoulder and when I turned around no one was there. My manager also had this happen a few times and said it was the ghost was checking up on what we were cooking that day. The second experience happened whilst walking upstairs to fetch something etc when I felt a sort of breezy presence pass me quickly on the stairs (they were creaky and horrible to walk up and down to begin with) I was told after that experience that a woman fell down the stairs on her wedding day/night.

  • I'm not much of a believer, although I love hearing ghost stories. I absolutely believe my friend, who believes, and she told me she once woke up to having an old lady ghost staring her right in the face. Scared the shit out of her. She is way more perceptive than me, and I do believe there are people out there more in tune with the supernatural than others.

  • Hey guys, I know you've been to Estonia already… but Estonias Old Town has a ghost tour of their own… alomst EVERY building in Old Town has a ghost story or two. The most popular is the white woman. Almost every region in Estonia has their own White Lady, a woman figure who walks the stairs, or sings lullaby's or looking out the window.
    If you are ever here in Estonia again I recomend finding one of those horror/ghost tours.

  • Hopefully, my roommate will sleep at home tonight… might have nightmares after hearing your stories…

  • So maybe 15 years ago I was sleeping over at my friends house for her birthday party. I was sleeping on the couch and in the middle of the night I heard a noise and when I woke up I saw someone standing in the doorway to the kitchen. It was a women for sure, I just thought it was my friends Aunt because it kind of looked like her (even though the figure was completely black), but the next morning when I told my friend that her Aunt was "watching us sleep" she had said that her Aunt left the day before…. Luckily I didn't know that at the time or else I would have had a meltdown.

  • until it has not happened to me… well I am not aware of it anyway – I find extremely amusing seeing other people freaked out. Little evil of me I know. Great stuff as always.

  • Thaks fot the video 🙂

    But when it's 2 a.m. and you are alone in the room in dormitory so scary to whatch the begging of the viideo 😀
    Fortunatly, the end with chocolate and pudding was so delicious and perfect that I hope I shouldn't worry about any ghots in my wardrobe 😀

  • "any bumps in the night-" video cuts to Downy fabric softener commercial 😂😂😂

    I'm not sure why I found that so hilarious, but I did.

  • these two have got to be the coolest down to earth americans if you ever came to nottingham that would be cool if you like robin hood and all that stuff lol take it easy lads

  • If you're on a long straight road around there….Apart from the Motorways, it'll be an ancient Roman Road.

  • At my house, you can sometimes hear a little girl laugh when going upstairs. Considering the house existed through ww2, and my area got hit HARD by the black plague. So I don't know.

  • Have you thought that maybe those series of noises are the people from the floor upstairs just moving around and not some far fetched ghost story?

  • Good video but Guy Fawkes was definitely not born in The Guy Fawkes pub. The building he was born in is not known (and probably no longer exists) but is thought to have more likely been on Stone Gate…

  • As a York resident, I can tell you that I have had more than one unexplainable experiences whilst walking around in the city centre at night as part of my job as a security guard.

  • chocolate and orange combo is a big no no for me….eewww. btw i wonder why only alex that had the "ghost" experiences but not marko?

  • I had a Ghost experience I was living in SunnyValley Ore. at the time living on a mountain I was just go down to meet My nephews and nieces bus so as I reached the bottom I saw a young20s man walking near me with a rifle I was just about to yell what are you doing ex….when He turned and saw me had a weird Who the Hell are you expression and disappeared right before my eyes and the strangest thing was He was a solide person you couldn't see through Him I'll Never Forget Him …since then I have had ghostly encounters with lovedones…

  • Yes…I've seen one. I was 18 years old and a student nurse at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. It appeared in my room in the nurses home at approx 3.00 a.m….initially woken by the sound of my wardrobe door slamming shut. A tall, woman wrapping a cloak around her shoulders followed by the sound of running outside in the corridor!

  • So Guy Fawkes was born in your hotel room, and you thought baby Guy was coming for you? Riiiight. You also thought that adult Guy, who was arrested for plotting to blow up Parliament as an act of terrorism but never actually took anyone's life, was a serial killer? Riiiight.

  • Excellent work fellas, but I think the reason people pass out at the bar in the haunted pub is because they have drunk too much!
    I do not believe in ghosts and suggest you visit the WW1 battlefields of the Somme in France. There are so many military cemeteries there that if there were ghosts, there would be many many there, seeing how ten's of thousands of men perished in battle. I have been to the Somme a few times now and have found no evidence of the supernatural.

  • those negative energies are def. real..when I moved to my farm, there was a poltergeist living here and it took a long time to rid the place of it's insane antics..then I found out someone had hung themselves from a tree here years before :/ we've since blessed every inch of the 40 acres with positive results ~ negative spirits (+all) need to be released to the next dimensions ~

  • I'm enjoying your stories and travels! OK ghost story: I work at a hospital. While leaving the room of a family grieving a death (minutes before), I felt "someone" firmly brush against my back, but nobody was near me. Trying to ignore it as I went in the hall, my coworker, who was getting supplies from a cabinet in the hall, said "Did you just brush against my back? Someone just pushed my back and hair". I said that I couldn't have, because I just walked out of a room, and nobody else was in the hall. I told her the same thing just happened to me. We are certain we both felt the same sensation. I didn't feel threatened or frightened, but she seemed a little scared.

  • 1) When a friend of mine was young, a guy told her and her 5 cousins to climb to the rooftop and jump rooftop from rooftop. No one saw this guy and they almost died…

    2) with the same family, a puppy was locked inside a room – which is impossible, because a little puppy cant really lock the door and it was alone…

    3)Another story: another friend was waiting for the bus and suddenly she felt a gentil touch on her arm, as if someone said: let's go. She walked away and went to a bar nearby. When she arrived, people who were gathered there told her they were very relieved she left the bus stop, cause someone very weird was walking towards her.

    I have many many other stories! Thank god nothing happened to me

  • Another story with another people: my grandmother's friend bought a used necklace and started hearing voices "give my necklnace back". She almost died after a looong story. In the end , she found out the person to whom it used to belong had suicided not so long ago.

  • I don’t know what it is but every morning when my parents are at work and my big sis is asleep I hear footsteps coming from the attic and also no-one goes up there now……

  • I definitely believe in ghosts. I've had 2 experiences, 1 involved a sleep paralysis dream and feeling like someone was watching me and very clear visions of what the guy looked like. He had a burnt face, apparently that area had burnt down before. Another one was in our last place and I felt a presence in the room, I told my mum that it was a women and a few days later I had the same feeling off being watched and a very clear vision of the woman around the house and where she was. Creepy

  • "Remember, remember the fifth of November, 
    Gunpowder treason and plot. 
    We see no reason 
    Why gunpowder treason 
    Should ever be forgot!"

  • Guy Fawkes pub does a good Bangers (sausages and mash) with rocket salad. NB! (Only English would get that sentence).

  • York makes me proud to be from England I love it there. Also I stayed at the guy fawkes Inn and I absolutely loved it… Even though my room was on a slant and a weird angle 😅🤣

  • So hey guys i am form pilipins 1 day on my house there was 4 pens it was under the bed and i tell me antie that we turn on the lights the 4 pens wer gone but….i seen it at the couch i was cold and chills that night

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