Lets Take a Ferry to Padre Island and NOT Get Stuck…

Lets Take a Ferry to Padre Island and NOT Get Stuck…

good morning everyone from rain-x from
Texas I had rain and rain-x on my mind oh my
gosh I’d turn these up yeah good morning from
Texas the neverending rain continues in Texas for me my little cloud that
follows me and everything today we got a got a jump start because in order to get
to where I’m going it’s a little complicated hopefully I don’t to make a
huge turn because I’m on the Bulevar Peninsula here down in South Texas we
are like three blocks from the Gulf of Mexico and there’s snow road up here in
14 miles so hopefully the ferries running
hopefully the ferry allows RVs and I’ll get it I’ll get cost low low tricky to
see the conditions aren’t ideal with the rain but trucking on man you know the
deal all right what does the sign say cruise terminal entrance I’m not going
on a cruise lighthouse over there I love lighthouses maybe I am going on a cruise
I don’t know what I’m doing ferry rides can be stressful when you don’t know
what we’re doing sure but as you heard he had me turn off
the propane which you got to do in most tunnels and I guess fairies yeah that
makes sense and advised me to go to Lane 2 so feeling good now they do have a
whip restriction he asked me outside how wide I am I’m like dude I’m on a diet
I’m down to a 32 inch waist he didn’t think I was very funny nah 98 inches if
you don’t know how wide your RV is most of them max out about 102 inches for
like the biggest wide 5th wheels but Miranda well actually she’s about
she’s about 98 and a half just looking out I don’t see a fairy I forgot to ask
how long it’s gonna be but this one the Bulevar fairy runs two boats all the
time 24 hours a day sometimes they even run three boats apparently if it’s
really busy in the morning or afternoon or a holiday weekend or something right
now we got to and we’re just gonna be patient and the fresh cup of coffee a
couple key things I forgot to mention cost this fairy is free there’s no cost
from the Texas Department of Transportation it is a free ferry to get
over this Peninsula island so that’s unique put that into perspective in
other words I paid one $72 one-way on a ferry with my RV back in Washington
State so good on you but also they probably don’t want to cut off
businesses on both sides of the peninsula an island you know I mean it’s
actually it doesn’t make sense but this rain is just something else I tell you
what not complaining I’m just pointing it out we together you and I on this
channel have witnessed record-breaking consecutive days here of rain in Texas
can’t plan this kind of stuff all you can do is battle through it limit
outdoor activities and when the Sun comes back you just rejoice and you just
soak it in you know that’s what you do right those palm
trees beautiful off in the distance yeah that wind is blowing this rain just
straight sideways on me and rocking the RV a bit all right so it’s been about 40 let’s
been 45 minutes since I turned off my propane and the ferries back they are
getting ready to unload the ferry and once that gets done I assume we will
start loading onto the ferry here so don’t be in a hurry as I’ve mentioned
and shown several times if you’re riding a ferry with an RV you just have to be
in no rush that day because it could be anywhere between number that one time I
think I was up in Washington State the tide but you can’t it’s harder to load
an RV on low tide so they made me stand back and wait for two more ferries after
that so it turned into a three and a half hour day that day today under an
hour I guess that’s the fast fast lane over on the left those guys just got
here and they get to board first that’s really weird now they’re boarding
the other lane that got here after me too
it doesn’t really matter as long as most of us get on this one that a strange
order here we go I’m ready I’m ready let’s rock and roll
tell me where to go we are headed to the John W Johnson ferry it looks like
they’re taking us to the left so I’m hugging the right so that I have a less
chance of bottoming out but it doesn’t look like we’re going to anyway just got
to wait till the last minute here to know which way they want me to go here
we go to the left to the left to the left
thank you that little bird on the tailgate of the
truck all looking for food ain’t got no food buddy I am in a post bred life so
this one is not like any other one I’ve been on you don’t get out of your
vehicle there’s no upstairs to go drink coffee
or get food or anything for them you just sit in your vehicle and wait
patiently I don’t even know it’s wide angle if you can see but yeah you can
you can see land over there that’s where we’re getting to gotta take the ferry
Miranda don’t float she doesn’t do good on saltwater so all right these birds
cracked me up we do this guy this little guy we’re moving guys we just left the
pier can you see the rocks that were passing by oh yeah we’re Farion look at
all the birds they’re so confused they’re like hey our land is leading our
land is leaving man I take that back you are actually allowed to get out of your
vehicle while on this very short ferry so there’s like the kids are coming out
of the bus and going upstairs to look on the top deck and go to the front in the
back of a ferry if you want to so that that is an option if you want to but I
don’t have that option because I’m kind of stuck in the RV my side door there’s
only four inches between side of my RV in the next car so if there were an
emergency I’m going out the window anyway it’s no big deal this this is a
very fast ferry you can see we’re almost there and then it’s gonna be the same
you know 20 minutes to unload another 15 20 minutes for the next batch to load
back up and go back to the other side so it’s an easy quick ferry but I will tell
you one thing I have decided that going on a cruise is not something I’m
definitely as excited about anymore because even just this we’re barely even
moving it is making me motion sickness like I should have taken a pill I did
not think ahead and I’m not feeling fantastic even on this short trip these
birds have found something interesting the back of this guy’s pickup truck
though look at them all digging through styrofoam
food bins and everything this guy’s just got a truckload full of garbage
brilliant dude all right almost time to go speed limit seven on the way out
they’re unloading the first row here you know no chance of bottoming out we’re
almost perfectly level here so that feel good about that all right bye Birds oh
my gosh it’s gonna hold me up here we go I’m just watching my tail
swings I’m really close to the cars on my left we’re clear very close to his
mirror but we made it alright welcome to Galveston y’all here we go and a head on
down to a Padre Island I’m about 280 miles away and you put on some miles my
butt is so tired of driving I can never be a long-haul trucker unless they got
really special comfortable seats I got to get up every hour and stretch can’t
do that man and a big semi-truck we’re just about three miles from the South
Padre National Seashore entrance here spend several years since I’ve been back
and I’m going to try something different this time alright so coming up on our
right here is the Padre Island National Seashore sign managed by the National
Park Service I’m not gonna get out and take a picture go up here I want to I
want to get settled we gotta get checked in they have
changed this in the last two three years since I’ve been here this is all new and
updated it looks really nice see it my pass works here hi there I was looking for the weekly
camping pass and does that do anything really appreciate it thank you
Thanks so not sure if you heard that but last
time I was here and it still is it’s $25 for a week stay and you can camp with
that $25 right on the beach on the sand one of the very few places that you can
do that however with the america the beautiful’ pass you actually get in for
free so technically I get a week of camping free however because there still
rain in the forecast tonight and stuff I’m gonna I’m gonna go look at this camp
grant this one campground up here it’s $14 a night to stay there with no
hookups but it’s off the beach so go check it out first all right time to thank you for laying
down Jax so I can see the sign say campground next left right here okay
let’s go check out the campground here by the way off to our left here is the
dump station and drinking water it the thing I can’t remember
exactly I can’t believe that they’re full they
are literally full guys I did not expect that I’m gonna go back the other way
where I didn’t turn right you’ve got these sights off to the right and left
one two and three but it says tent camping only so you
park your vehicle on the right you tent cam off to off the left here under the
picnic tables alright came down the other loop and it
is also full all that is left is tent camping sites so again you got three
tent camping sites to the right then you park your vehicle where this Mercedes is
parked so I guess we’re all going to the beach before I turn left though there
are three sites down here that have occupied signs on them and there’s
nothing there like not even a camp chair you know what I want to say something
because I’m pretty sure it’s the neighbors holding their spot they’ll be
here this weekend but nobody can use it until they get here so and we’re on sand
oh boy I honestly have not even had time to
check for tides yet this is not high tide you can see how this is still wet
in front of me pretty much all the way up to this class eh off to our right the
water will come up to his tires otherwise not too many people down here
well coachman trailer right here he has parked up in the very soft stuff which
is kind of scary but he’s got a four-wheel-drive truck to pull out look
I don’t know if you guys can see over there is is bad but you got to get back
that far with your RV otherwise the tide will come in on you so I think it opens
up a little bit down here oh look I got no phone service again I remember that
from Padre Island that’s another little trailer right here he’s he’s moved way
back he is definitely safe from the water right there I’m gonna slow down
and start looking since nobody’s camping down here I kind of have it all to
myself well hey I’m good guys I’m parked I’m happy I’m even level right here I
got my little spot here I don’t care where you guys are camping right now you
ain’t got a view like this I’m boondocking for $3.99 right on the
Gulf of Mexico out here I checked the tides we’re gonna have a high tide here
at 6:12 in about two hours I think it’ll be dark though but still we’ll be able
to see what the highest tide looks like I’ll just show you here real quick this
is the stuff I was trying to avoid this is just you don’t want to drive in this
you want to stay in the hard-packed and I had to get up on it a little bit with
my front tires there I’m in it the soft stuff and then in the rear when I backed
up again I’m in the soft stuff but I can get out I just love it out here I have
missed Padre Island more than anything it’s windy and cold you wouldn’t be able
to hear me without that rode videomic pro on top believe me but you know
tomorrow there’s some sunshine expected so sandals and going in the water the
ocean go look at me over there that’s awesome
also you’ll notice where I parked I get to go quite a bit farther back does that
that line that’s right there it comes back for this little Inlet right here so
that I’m quite a ways off of where other people are camping but I’m the last RV
on Padre Island out here as you look the other direction there’s a couple cars
down there nobody else is camping down there it’s empty
I’m the last camper as far away which means I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and
there will be an RV parked right here in front of me with their jitter I can up
the news hiking hiking hiking should have a view huh more dunes and no
cellphone towers but it is a cool view from up here we pan around get Miranda
in the shot here oh she looks great doesn’t she look great guys yep camping
by myself I’m gonna put out my couch slide set up satellite TV because South
is easy right towards the water and that’s all I’ll have for a few days just
satellite TV I want to take the bike into town into Corpus Christi I’ll be
able to get some Wi-Fi and then I can write down all the tides just so I can
be aware sometimes they’re higher than other nights
oh yeah getting some live TV here with dish I knew that was gonna happen but
another surprise those of you who have been out to Padre Island out here no
there’s no service out here there’s there’s never been any service nothing
has changed you can go to visitor center and borrow some of their Wi-Fi oh I’ve
got service I’ve got three bars of service guys decided to finally and I
haven’t talked about it much but decided to activate the booster the RF solid
booster that’s on the roof and the interior incentive I’ve got my hotspot
device right here bringing in three bars of service and I generally tell have
been telling people it doesn’t create service out of nowhere it just amplifies
a weak signal well in this case it pretty much is creating cell service out
of nowhere so I’ve already uploaded a picture to Instagram I’ve been on social
me a couple times I’ve checked YouTube
comments and interacted with a few people so I’m getting Wi-Fi getting not
white well yeah I’m getting Wi-Fi through cellular boost so pretty cool
anyway I got to do my workout and get another meal in I’ll cut back in tonight
I do have the outdoor light I just want to show you we’ll all see for the first
time how far the tide comes up to my tires
my face look pink red pink oh my gosh guys and turn the camera around look at
this sunset look at this sunset it is painting the entire beach pink just like
holy cow gorgeous we didn’t actually get any Sun today but it’s setting and doing
something magical over there it’s just stunning by the way it is 604 p.m. which
means we’re at high tide right now so there’s my RV and there’s still a three
lane highway here before the water hits so so we’re fine this was not a major
high tide like some other nights I’ve been here to Padre Island three times to
meetups and once by myself and all three times the tide water came up to the
rubber on my tires and it was terrifying so I’m glad there’s no drama or anything
like that going on didn’t get stuck in the sand or anything so everything’s
fine but still there is sunshine in tomorrow’s forecast even though it’s
also gonna rain I decided to stay out here for a few days since there’s just
no cost and yeah just be patient with me guys I love this place I think if you
are out here you’d love it too if you know me if you’re like me so the good
thing is I get a little more creative when I’m by myself and enjoying join
things so you’ll get some some better videos for me from here till I leave and
yeah so from Jax and I we will see you very soon you guys be well yes

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