LET’S NOT FIGHT…about how long she takes to get ready

LET’S NOT FIGHT…about how long she takes to get ready

Don’t make me nervous. Go away Go away Okay so I’m just waiting for Ellen to get ready *impatient breath* We were suppose to go to the mall last week but but I postponed it. Now we’re going today I said we’re going today! But… now she’s taking forever to get ready doing her makeup and everything so now I’m just waiting What’s up? How’s your day? good? good so today I wanted to put a little bit
more effort into my appearance and I did my makeup and stuff and I had no idea
that Ryan was in a hurry to go to the shopping mall today I just
I took yeah I took like 30 minutes R: NO! I haven’t done it R: One Hour I took a while okay I took a while it it takes time Not “a while”. An hour almost an hour and ten minutes E: okay. An hour and ten minutes See what I mean? Sensitive what? Why am I sensitive when you’re like yelling at me to eat my bananna How can I yell? *mumble mumble mumble* bananna *mumble* hmm? I can’t yell. I’m Deaf It’s true. Can’t yell. Sorry I understand. I wasn’t clear. I’m sorry That’s what I thought ya know You okay babe? Here’s the thing I do When she’s sad or grumpy. I put music on That helps you right? *radio* Kost 103.5 huh? We’re done fighting We’re over it over. over it He said he wasn’t mocking me I was wrong. He wasn’t mocking me R: come here What? We’ve never been here before so I don’t know where we’re going E: yeah but we’ll try to find it I’m kinda confused Let’s go! E: kinda confused about where we’re going *music* E: haha it’s not an automatic door Love you E: I don’t think we’ve been here before R: yes we have E: Is this your new ride? yeahhh E: oooo E: We’ve got the party in here We can put big drinks E: for your coffee babe Yeah, for sure E: Babe, you ready to get out? What? E: you ready to get out? Yep Babe, I promise. One day I’ll buy you a Tesla E: We found you actually here because I bought some
Fathletic workout clothes online and they didn’t fit so I thought I would just
come here and try them on To figure out what size I am *music* yes! I got my work out clothes! We’re going to Islands! Happy Hour right now actually chips chips? chips? chips? chips good chips R: Ready to eat? uhuh. Ready to eat R: Go for it! R: Ready to go home? Yes. Almost forgot my stuff ok so funny thing is is that half way through eat. oh wait. No, not half way through eating but like right before the food came I was looking
for my phone and I couldn’t find it so I freaked out and I ran back to the
store because I think I thought I left it in the changing room but I couldn’t find
it there. The store manager said it wasn’t there so I ran all the way back. The food
was then I realized I left it in the car Well at least I hope it’s in the car well we’ll see if it’s in the car if it’s not gonna freak out again please please let. AHAH! hahaha why’d you where? where? where? E: oh Ryan and I have a game where buggies are kisses. No, buggies are hit and then the other person has to kiss
the other person and then Uber is tickle and limo is pinches and Ryan just saw a Uber over there anyways I hope it’s in there I hope I hope
I hope R: okay let’s see I hope it’s in there If my phone’s not in there I’m going to freak out E: *gasp* Ah! it’s in there E: It’s on the charger yay! haha Oh my gosh. I can not loose this I can’t loose my phone thank you. thank you thank you thank you Okay, we’re gonna end the vlog here Thanks for watching bye Sign Duo OUT!

45 thoughts on “LET’S NOT FIGHT…about how long she takes to get ready

  • I love you guys , started watching since I've began my sign class, finished sign 1 and I've been volunteering at Mississippi School for the Deaf for bout 3-4 months and I love it. Just got a sign name about a week ago. Loving the vibe between you two 😍

  • I loved this vlog I have been teaching myself ASL for a little while but I can't wait to start college so I can use it a little more in my ASL class that I will be taking. Ellen I love your bag, it's really cute. Also you always look effortlessly amazing😊

  • E: why am I sensitive when you're like yelling at me to eat my banana?
    R: how can I yell? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • when Ryan say "can't yell, I'm deaf" I was laughing so hard, that's good one, haha XD oh man that was best one

  • Was watching this anime movie called A Silent Voice (Koe No Katachi) and it lead me to your videos.

  • The struggle is real! My husband gets a little impatient when I take too long to get ready too! But Ryan you have to remember that we (girls) feel better(confident, positive, sexy)when we do our makeup and have our "get ready" time. Even though, Ellen you are gorgeous with or without makeup ❀️

  • Ok, unfortunately my captions dont work so I can't follow Ryan very well, hopefully someday. I recently watched a video where husbands took on the role of their wives and were given the task of applying makeup like their wives do, it is hilarious, perhaps Ryan should take that challenge lol

  • My school is offering ASL next year as a language and I can't wait to take it! I discovered your channel a couple days ago and have watched almost all of your videos already. It is great to learn ASL from a natural conversation, but also see a view into your lives. Keep up the great content!

  • YOU look fabulous! Take all the time you need. Not only take the time you need because you are a woman….but now you are a vlogger so Ryan can be patient and find something else to do while you wait πŸ™‚ And Ryan COULD yell….he could throw things and stuff. just sayin. πŸ˜› When you harp on a woman for taking time to be beautiful and then tell her she's over sensitive….. well thats just disrespectful. Everyone needs to learn to pick their battles and take ownership for their actions and apologize. It would be very irritating to me also if my Man was complaining about me taking the time to look good for myself and him. I am just being honest here. And also this comes from my mental health education background πŸ˜›

  • Ryan is like no I am not ready to get out….cause this car is joy. So this would be a good example of a way you could be patient for Ryan back if he is patient for you when you get ready. You could let him have a long time in the cool car at the mall. If you decide to go to a shop and look around to distract yourself then do that. πŸ™‚

  • Ryan, sad news: many girls take more time in getting ready. lol
    But the good news is that Ellen only needs an hour or so. πŸ™‚

  • in your videos do you use asl or pse? cause it looks like your using pse but Ryan's so fast I can only catch a little?

  • i have been watching your vlog for about a week and i love it it help me pick up asl faster and some of these vlogs i keep seeing ryan with his ice cream shirt it look like his fav shirt

  • This is an old video, but had to laugh. Ryan, almost yelling: No! Then: 'I can't yell, I'm deaf' πŸ˜‚. I'm definitely also the one who takes longer to get ready.

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