Is The Dominican Republic Getting A Bad Rap?

Is The Dominican Republic Getting A Bad Rap?

hey good afternoon boss hogg aka star
I’m in the building how are you guys on a Friday so much going on that I have to
do a research show I have to and I want to lay something out in front of you
guys and I want you two to entertain me because I have a theory with regards to
the Dominican Republic I’ve never been there but I have a theory and I want to
lay this out and get your thoughts and your opinions first let me say if you
are a person who has been following my show for a number of years look on the
screen right now you will see Chris Kidd convicted in federal court yes Chris kid
lloyd kid to be exact that’s his government name convicted in Manhattan
federal court only one want to mention what he was convicted of but I’m gonna
have to talk about the Southern District Court of New York there’s there’s a
story pal okay we deal with receipts this is the press release got him got
him yeah he’s out of here Tuesday July the 16th is when this came
out okay and they’re in the live chat saying wow yeah
sex trafficking let me just cut right to the chase minors doing all sorts of
extra shit and he’s been convicted convicted I’m gonna read this to you
shortly just give me some time and for those of you who don’t know who this is
you may or may not have seen an interview that I did always that back in
2000 and 15 or 16 I forget with a rapper from Brooklyn who was hating on Tupac
that’s Chris kid he had all this inner you know hatred if you ask me and other
people you know against Tupac Shakur who’s of course deceased but um we’re
gonna talk about that and in case you’re not in the loop ASAP Rocky
has been not only is he gonna be detained another week but they have
indicted him he will be indicted according to and other sources
yeah ASAP rocky mm-hmm someone should talk about this afternoon
um hold on let me just get my notes together here because I want to
acknowledge someone who sent me a link let me just point early to a YouTube
video called serial poisonous in Dominican Republic okay so this video
here is alluding to there may be someone that is a serial poisonous in the
Dominican Republic you know who’s poisoning American citizens as they’re
on vacation if you know the Dominican Republic please call in I’ve never been
there I can’t dump on the place it’s a huge in terms of our tourism three
million Americans go there per year three million Americans per year I did
pull the notes hold on a second we’re gonna talk about it break it down the
numbers are crazy so you know the propaganda that many of us see by way of
you know the ghettos and the slums in the Dominican Republic would lead you to
believe that it’s not a place where people flock to and and the no story
that I saw on this particular video um I’m so what is that the NBC for pardon
me um ten Americans in the last 18 months have died in the Dominican
Republic but now here’s the thing and here’s my theory it’s just a theory
please entertain me white females let’s start with them when they go to the
Dominican Republic in these other places Caribbean islands and all these you know
vacation places you know we have the sand the beach the food the drinks the
dancing white females go there to do drugs and to have discreet sexual
relationships they then come back to America and pretend to be holier than
thou let’s also look at some of the other people that
have died there and again I’m just this is just a theory I have no no
information I’m just going based upon history and knowledge I’m 55 years of
age I’ve seen a lot I’ve done a lot I’ve heard a lot let’s look at some of the
older people that have gone to the Dominican Republic and died older people
who once upon a time did drugs go to places such as the dr and other you know
fake ation islands and they want to take it back experiment don’t little blow you
know sometimes they buy blow sometimes they buy bullshit sometimes they’re on
heart medication they have diabetes they’ve got all sorts of shit and when
they try to fuck around with some drugs that they did 20 years ago that their
system no longer recognizes they can die cardiac arrest they can go into all
sorts of seizures and things of that that magnitude I’ll just say that so
there’s some things that I’m just curious that maybe we’re not looking at
as opposed to just saying are there they’re killing people in the Dominican
Republic again I’ve never been there and I’m not just gonna you know say it’s a
shithole don’t go there no it’s huge in terms of tourism whole in a second I
think I saw something like eight hundred million dollars or pardon me
billion yeah a couple of billion dollars its I’ve got the breakdown just give me
some time again I’m just Punk now putting the notes right now and I want
to be as accurate as possible if I say something wrong please call in and let’s
talk about it also Bob the cop my homie my friend he’s gonna be calling in
shortly Bobby you uh are you on the check-in hold on guys okay there’s do I
have a problem two phone lines Ray aka Bob the cup guys with my phones working
hold on a second maybe there’s some issue give me a second hold on he says
he’s having trouble calling in let me check the number is he calling from a
bum phone Bob the cob Bob Bob wants to talk about
the Chris Kidd situation okay Bob the numbers working buddy okay
let me restart it give me a second guys I’m doing research so maybe it’s a
little maybe it’s me maybe it’s me I’ll start it over okay give me a second Bob
get you on the line and again guys with regards to the Dominican Republic the
video that I saw it’s called cereal poisonous in Dominican Republic alright
give me a second maybe Bob the cop has a point maybe it’s me maybe it’s my phone
sometimes it happens doing research so it’s not that it’s not that serious alright let’s go live start over
hang on guys okay Bob the cop give it a shot now
let’s see if we’re working okay if not I’ll just I’ll ramble for an hour by
myself okay um yes but Chris kid for those of you who bill know Chris Chris
was uh let me just say he was doing a lot of um foul stuff on YouTube to other
content creators he was calling the YouTube police and I’m not gonna put
those people’s names out there if they want it you know do stories on Chris kid
being convicted that’s on them I don’t I don’t have to you know bring their names
into the equation but he was trying to get people kicked out of their studios
and other things okay uh Bray the phone should be working I see are people in
the queue right now pardon me guys but let me read this before I go to the
phones um Lloyd Kidd convicted in Manhattan federal court of sex
trafficking and child pornography production offenses okay did a Southern
District yada-yada-yada trafficking of a minor
and enticement and of a minor to engage in sexually explicit conduct for the
purpose of producing a visual depiction of such conduct following a six-day jury
trial before the US District Judge Victor at Marrero so um he’s been
convicted on two counts they were following him for quite some time and it
talks about he was filming a minor posting her information on
and let me just also say that thirteen minors and young adults in New York
State’s social service system were affiliated
with his case now he’s going to be sentenced on November the 1st 2019 maybe
he’ll appeal I don’t know if he can appeal but let me just go to his his
convictions all right one count of sex trafficking which carries a mandatory
minimum sentence of ten years in prison and his statutory maximum sentence of
life in prison okay a visual depiction of such conduct
okay carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 15 years and a statutory
maximum sent to of 30 years so can the sentences run
what do they call that consecutive you help me out I’m not sure I forget but
with regards to this particular case he’s looking at a decade to my
understanding off the top phone line to open let me sleep that that’s Bob the
cop on the line here every coach 631 hey Bob is that you hey what’s going on how
are you man good afternoon thank you for telling me the phone was right yeah
wasn’t working now it’s good everything’s good
yeah yeah Christian huh hey he’s gonna do 85 percent of his sentence you can I
guess minimal 15 years so what’s that 85% of that’s about 12 one man and
they’ll probably run the sentences concurrent right that’s the word I was
looking for Kenny yeah so they won’t brought him back to back but it looks
like he’s fucked did you ever meet Chris I guess he won’t be sending messages to
Machiavelli Bob with the wheel kick hey did you ever meeting him because we had
you know a couple of the events of the years not that I was ever uh inviting
him but he may have showed up he ever meet Christian I don’t think I’ve ever
met him but I watched a couple of his YouTube videos and I’m shocked that he’s
28 years of age just by looking at him you know so much older and more
disheveled yeah you know yeah yeah that’s pretty shocking that he’s only in
you know under 30 years old you know I interviewed him as you may or may not
know I was 2015 or 16 I forget and then he wanted me to interview him again and
he was talking about his experience at some hotel with some tranny he went into
the room and and the tranny they had the lights out and and and and the tranny
what they were playing hide-and-seek in the closet some crazy story and yeah so
so that was clearly his world that whole prostitution you know a Backpage thing
and he’s finally been dealt with by the feds well it didn’t he
also pay you to go on the air as well and he kind of reneged or something to
me something like that he wanted to do some type of promotional thing with me
and I said well listen man I said I don’t know if I want to get too deeply
involved in me if you want to pay for a banner you know we can do that but yet
the other stuff I just I was a little sketchy because he was a type of guy you
know he would jump up on YouTube and any issue that he had any misunderstanding
he would run his mouth so I was just worried about him you know yeah he seems
like a real sketchball shitty cat and out it’s apparent but the one thing that
can get to him at least he he’s got a set of nuts to go to take that to trial
as opposed to take some sort of plea deal he didn’t even break like in fold
like those prey cats good boy good boy crime is at least he
didn’t fucking fall shotty he’s gonna have a rough time now Bob can
he appeal this or is this just he’s gonna have to go you know start his
sentence whatever that sentence may be and then try to appeal how do you see
this well he’s gonna he of course he’s gonna begin a sentence yet but he I’m
sure didn’t give up his grounds for appeal because he didn’t even cop a plea
right so he could potentially appeal this but like when the feds got you they
got you and this this guy’s going down yeah so um you know people who uh did
people who do know him the defense we’re reaching out to a lot
of people they reached out to me as well and I said listen I just interviewed the
guy I don’t know anything about his personal life we never had a fucking a
drink I just you know and I don’t mean to shit on him now but I mean he he was
a real I guess just a slimy person in terms of how he how he just spoke about
people you know on the microphone and behind the scenes appears that way and
like how was he enticing these miners was he working at this facility
or he was just somebody like camped out according to the report or the press
release that I sent Shula he was also according to this he was filming things
at his apartment with these miners did you read that part okay yeah I saw that
I was just I was curious how he was recruiting these people yeah well
clearly it says in these shelters he was preying on underage girls in the
shelters in Brooklyn New York Metro trauma yeah yeah yeah well I’m gonna
take some calls on his Bob any have you ever been to the Dominican Republic
there’s talk now about you know some type of well a video caught me about
some potential serial poisonous any thoughts on that I mean I want to be
objective and I know very little bit about the Dominican Republic I’ve never
been there I heard some sketchy things like if you go off resorts the police
will rob you at like traffic stops they’ll shake you down shit like that
stuff like that’s like dirty I I think more like sexting type of things like
whether it be prostitution in every prostitution on these types of resorts
and stuff but I have no plans to go there I ain’t trying to drink the
fucking bootleg counterfeit counterfeit liquor well hang on a second there bub
you see already you’ve never been there and you’re feeding into the possible
propaganda I pulled some notes here three million Americans a per year go
there and and I’ve already you know put on the table that you know white females
let’s be specific they go to these places they do drugs they get drunk they
have sometimes orgy sex so it could be a lot of propaganda that we here to cover
up the reality of what truly you know you know it’s um some of the
girls a couple girl years back and they kept there were guys on the resort that
are there just to like dance with the girls and stuff yeah like workers or
whatever male escorts yeah I didn’t really get into detail if they hooked up
with them but I would assume you know so yeah all right well listen man
thank you and checking and I don’t want to talk about anything with rush your
personal business are you working or what no I’m actually okay yes take care
all right Bob the cob on the check-in dolo research this this afternoon folks
I’m gonna be jumping around like I’m let you know right now all right I’m just
questioning the Dominican Republic is it really a place where they’re poisoning
people here’s another story that I pulled hold on a second uh from the New
York Daily News today a woman by the name of Tammy Dahle 51 years of age from
Delaware you may have seen this story she filed a three million dollar lawsuit
against the Dominican Republic Resort where she claims to have been violently
beaten I saw the pictures she was beaten she was she was beaten half to death
and the report says that she was beaten and strangled to the point of
unconsciousness multiple times at the Majestic elegance Punta Cana now
supposedly if she was held and tortured for six hours and here’s how she even
got to that particular point according to her she was attacked when she left
her hotel room while her husband slept to get a late-night snack at the lounge objectively asking and and I’m not
trying to clown her she’s you can see the pictures on again and why she was beating like crazy but why would she go out late night when
her been sleeping taking a snack in the
lounge that don’t you take snacks with you you know to the resort the hotel did
she just want to stroll in a cigarette did she want to see what’s hot what’s
popping downstairs you know if somebody was dancing was she’s sipping from the
minibar and her husband sleeping and she wanted to go you know back that thing up
if you have to speed on the story please give me a call I don’t want to just you
know assume but there’s a lot of things here with regards to the Dominican
Republic that I just have to question as opposed oh they’re killing people down
there again I’ve never been there so I myself have been I’ve fallen victim to
the the propaganda of calling it you know just derogatory names and so on and
so forth let’s go to cash a per second here I’ll chew on the check-in afternoon
sir he says Chris kid was locked up for not paying transformers you know that
may sound funny but that what that was what Chris kid had an issue with one
time when I interviewed him he um he had a disagreement with a transsexual over
$80 he called the police at the hotel desk the cops came chriskate told the
other cops what room the Trent the trannys were in thank you oh cool oh
okay hang on a second here who’s this here a dorito charmer good afternoon sir
Oh Lord you rocked this same outfit on 620 well thank you sir yeah who’s this
here okay this is somebody else yeah I’m not one of those people who
says ha I never wear the same thing twice you know what was that that was
Dame – this thing that Keiko holic no I am I’m consistent all right but thank
you who else is here hold on did you okay that somebody just talking about
the Dominican Republic okay let me go to area code April 5 crafter noon April 5
doing research talking about a few things
Chris Kay convicted and the Dominican Republic
what do you want to chime in yep your star was good young hang on a
second brother what’s that man how are you it’s got
that brother shit going on man I’m on how you like that damn I sent you though
you ain’t never replied back though that was that was crazy
okay so hang on so now that was you you sent me a DM with some female you say
that was your auntie yeah I’m trying to play cupid you feel me okay know what
hang on once I found out you were a guy I just I deleted the message I don’t
deal with guys on fucking Instagram fucking here thank you yeah no I was
just in the fifth I was trying to send I thought I was okay
is she in Atlanta nah she’s in the DMV areas of house she’s in a land of
sometimes but she’s not always here if she wants to holla when she’s in Atlanta
holla but yeah just I was just talking about this man what is it earlier this
week the last weekend I’m not entertaining you know chicks from other
states or countries you know text messages phone calls Skype and all this
other shit I just I’m too old for that if you’re local here in Atlanta let’s
hang out let’s smash it something like that but I’m not entertaining
long-distance relationships hey I’m in Dominican Republic you ever been there
American Republic no I’ve got a bunch of friends up from there though but I have
no plans of going um just cause like you know I mean it’s just it’s crazy that
they’re selling you bootleg liquor at a resort I mean that doesn’t even sound
legit but on on the stay with me hang on a second listen I just I want to be
objective here because you know American propaganda over the decades centuries
has never ever you know focused on the the beautiful parts of Africa and other
places you know you you would think that Africa is just zebras and elephants
running around and people would fucking a grass skirts you don’t exam so I know
nothing about the Dominican Republic but I do know if we’ll the research that
three liyan people go there per year they’ve
got some beautiful fucking beaches I would imagine the food and a culturally
proud people so what if they’re beeping what the hate Haitians I don’t give a
shit about that but why do you think that it’s you know just a bootleg
alcohol what why couldn’t it be older obese people you know doing too much
when they go someplace and they’re doing excess why can’t that be a possibility
because I didn’t didn’t one of the families that one of the dudes that died
say that their arm further that one over there was in perfect health
so you can’t just say oh he did a bunch of shit and you just died like you know
I mean that doesn’t even sound right so like again like again I say like when
you do the autopsy and you you figure out what’s in the body or what was in
the liquor if it was cheap alcohol you jump to much cheap alcohol and you might
want to you know I mean you might want to I don’t know reevaluate that
situation right antwuan a broadly crane claim that the
KKK kidnapped Hearn carved KKK on her body and they were smoking crack she
wasn’t smoking crack propaganda man can work can lead you to
believe any fuckin thing but then come on I’ll let you finish it
um if you go to the minute Republic just make sure your bottom coming out of the
actual local stores that’s a reputable store and don’t buy don’t buy uh you
know I mean don’t buy alcohol from New York good to talk to you man it’s and
stop sending me Instagram DMS thank you sir fuck he sent me or I thought it was
a female you know sent me a picture of a very
nice-looking female on Instagram through my personal Instagram account I
responded I said holla if you know Paulo if you’re in Atlanta he then responds
and said y’all know that’s my auntie I say what delete Ogata here
hey good afternoon in the live chat how you guys doing Chris kid do you give a
shit someone says what does twanna Broly have
to do with dr I’m talking about propaganda you know Tana Brawley if
you’re that old you know she made up a big ass story one time and come to find
out you know she was um she was accused of smoking crack rock and that’s the
reason why she told the story that she did I’ll just say she was accused of
smoking crack rock and she made this whole thing up about being kidnapped and
they carved KKK and her chest you know propagandas a motherfucker again I’ve
never been to the Dominican Republic but um I’m just asking the question
questions do you think it’s really that simple and a serial poisonous and please
if you find the time pull up this story with this white female and it’s it’s sad
that you know she got beat half to death but why would why would somebody beat
her in a hotel and detain her for six hours it sounds crazy and she claimed
she couldn’t see the person’s face all she could see was the uniform of the
hotel and she was left in some type of drain was she on some type of late-night
rendezvous you know to to turn up to get her freak on to have a discreet sexual
encounter maybe she got a little high and then she couldn’t pay the fucking
tab and then the guy said wait whoa whoa I just just gave you some good dick gave
you some blow why is it your fucking debit card working you owe me $600 you
know he could attainder over that shit I’m just I’m just asking just ask him
so two area code um three four seven I’m doing research maybe I’m doing too much
good afternoon three four seven talk about a bunch of things here good
afternoon hey how are you hey who’s this big supporter I’m sorry
my name is Socrates I’m from the Bronx no answer and I I’m doing well I’m doing
well you always make the work they go by smoother thank you well I’m typing and
doing my thing at work I appreciate you I happen to be
first-generation dominican-american I’ve traveled to the dr many times I
stayed in resorts that stays amongst the regular folks amongst family
I believe that my theory as I came up with a couple of weeks ago was is it
coincidence run that same time that the president signs a bill to stop tourism
going into Cuba and also the fact that a neighboring island in Puerto Rico is
going through a catastrophe as far as the ramification of the hurricane and
that tourism is not where it should be so it’s giving people another option to
really dump and give negativity on the DR now I’m not saying that it didn’t
happen obviously it did okay what crimes and happened in New York which is a
bigger source of fashion than anything here
okay I’m tourists get you know get in trouble all the time
attacked and whatnot so I think that has something to do with that okay I
appreciate you calling in and you know trying to give it another twist
I’ll entertain that again I’ve never been there but you know I went to high
school class of 82 with proud Dominicans who just came over here to America and
I’ve known them to be good people now you know the 80s everybody was doing
blow something how can I say oh they were fucking Saints but you know I
didn’t feel that type of hatred towards America then I don’t know if it has been
embedded since then I mean could have something to do with what you just said
you know whatever conspiracies but you know I just can’t buy into it that fast
that somebody in the dr just wants to kill torres said yourself I want I’m
gonna poison the tourists would you about that well yeah I’m not really
buying it either and plus the fact you know unfortunately the the owners of
those law results most of them not a minute there
you know Europeans the owners are wealthy
you know billionaires and the dr gives tourism from all over the world man and
yes it is it at the spot to do download stuff absolutely nothing you did you go
to the center resort and and the women make you feel like you know you
hollywood and an unfortunate of profits and impoverished nation and it’s a
backbone of the economy outside of agriculture is tourism and it’s gonna
really put a dent into the tourism of the dr and you know it’s unfortunate a
beautiful place and part of the reason people love the VR is that the american
dollar stretches like no other place right right
Cass how old are you you know help you told you I’m I’m 40 41 41 perfect stay
with what do you want to stay with me now I’m not I’m not accusing you’re
doing blow I’m not saying that you did any blow trip transaction I’m not saying
you have any cousins that sell blow but can can you co somebody can you cook
cosine that you know yeah high-end white models from you know America Europe and
other places you have seen them do some of the lowest sexual things to get high
in the Dominican Republic but I’ve heard you have ever seen it you’ve heard
stories you know what do they call it a little flavor for some favor you know you had mentioned about the earth that
they have guys over there that that our pace entertained female these actually
made comedic movies about it and there’s a term called Sankey Peggy have you
talked to another Dominica sure yeah cause thank you thank you kinda like a
play on words of hanky-panky and the golden ticket is actually having one of
these American women fall in love with you and get you over here
to the states that’s a lot they also have known Victoria’s Secret looking
tricks in a back in the 80s and the 90s that go to a Jamaica you know and get
double penny that’s penetrated you know and then come home and act all fucking
prissy and kiss kiss their husbands or boyfriends right in the mouth like
nothing happened over there nothing happened yeah you know these hoes ain’t
loyal thank you for the corn I’m just doing research I’m trying to put some of
this stuff together but I thank you for calling it thank you yes Michael thank you thank you alright
um has anybody seen this story I would like to talk to someone who uh you know
has an opinion again her name is Tammy Dahle da le why 51 years of age if she
went on vacation in the Dominican Republic in January and she posted this
footage on her I’m sorry she turned okay she told her story
pardon me on Facebook on May the 29th spoke about being beaten and strangled
how could you be beaten for so long and you you never saw the person’s face that’s crazy so to every coda of 201
good afternoon 201 doing little research here with
regards to the Dominican Republic and Christian out of here
what say you did you ever watch Chris videos are we up to speed on his his
hating on Tupac remember that track he had message to Makaveli I know I know
we’re getting gone back and forth between flippin and arguing with other
people and stuff like that I mean I heard he came from what that tupac
shakur it’s not dude you know me Billy they don’t need to be
talking about him now beef and then all yeah he was very late with that and it
just it seemed like there was some some internal things that you know he tried
to explain it and then he he tried to double down at one point and I just say
yo he’s why is he doing it you know so much but anyway maybe seven right no I
have to get the exact year but please don’t don’t ask me the exact whatever I
figure all right how Google can you google it the point is I’m not in front
of a computer I don’t want to bomb on a cell phone
right now but when he died did they have to you know not all these years later
they’re Tupac died 1996 1986 yeah then he said it and he shouldn’t use it in
1993 he was probably three I forget how old
well he’s 28 years of age now so he was very very young when Tupac died he liked
that one but whatever so the other thing is what the thing about the ER right
Dominican Republic hadn’t even been there no I’ve been to Puerto Rico been
to Mexico well then then Costa Rica and all that
shit but I know Washington Heights though I’ll tell you that yes how do you
know Washington Heights tell us keep it real it was when it was an open Street
drug mafia on Broadway from 135th 150th uh-huh yeah nigga snitchin pay attention you know even – and you know you call it
stank monastic dawg you know Jesus colleague rose for
billing yes it’s still poppin up there but it’s just young it’s younger kids
now so I wouldn’t know sir but go ahead yes but yeah I believe they you know
look listen that people die everywhere you know people die everywhere because
people aren’t some awesome fuck shit you know people not acting they age that
woman that went down and got beat up and went and they were her husband yeah I
believe husband they were drinking and husband got drunk passed out
and as she seen you know aguar he wanted to keep the party going to point out
that’s right keep the party that’s one thing about these women that day they
want to keep the party going when it’s time to go to bed ah yeah they’re not
trying to hit that shit yeah bang my one good no pop that he’ll do it again okay
uncle down beaten beaten for six hours they were looking for her and the report
says according to the New York Daily News is that her husband they couldn’t
he could even recognize her after she was eventually found
why would someone beat her like that inside the hotel she was found in the
hotel she possibly was talking to them and it was working out of price and she
couldn’t understand no no no $6 mami 606 thousand
yeah why don’t I give you good fish scale 6,000 hey thanks you call me I’m
gonna keep it pushin thank you thank you no doubt yes sir okay I mean no
disrespect to that woman Terri I hope she’s okay but you have to
see the story there’s video footage as well she just don’t sound right guys
we’ll talk about a SAP rocky tonight I’m sure ASAP Rocky is they decided to keep
him another week hold on I got he’s gonna be indicted in case you don’t
know this according to TMZ I got this information this morning yeah
the prosecutors think he’s a flight risk sat him down I even pulled some other a
story here with regards to uh who is this gez the rapper gez back in 2018
he was caught doing blow and punching a security guard in Sweden he sent his ass
home Wow
hang on a second semi-centennial superjet wants to talk about the D our
area code 602 where are you oh shit hey grab the nuances legendary proof
hello yeah hey what’s up man how are you thanks for everything
yes sir what’s poppin hey hey I’ve been there a few times first time I went
there with our girl at the time you know yeah Michael does especially the first
time I went was a resort I cooked a concert you know seven days and we was
chilling everything my girl came back to me at Rome like do the work of them
voted trying to holler at me I’m like oh the constriction is true I know resort
de jour they shut them down oh like 12 o’clock one o’clock as like far as all
the beatings she could have been fucking around with from the help she must lift
unscrewed like $600 mami I just gave you good cold Club gave you good coke you
know I don’t want you bullshit wedding ring I want my fucking money money yeah yeah cool all right
so all obviously yes he’s telling us something she’s telling the whole
different story she ain’t telling the host
yeah yeah I would imagine that shit made me to cut you up I would imagine she had
to tell some story because her face was beaten to a pulp if you get time to show
just google the story terry dally da le y and you’ll see her face so clearly you
know something happened to creep one will feel it helped a fight dump it
there down and she’s got the paint or did another prick money or no money
owner yeah probably touched her up just a little bit but but but as far as like
many different puzzles over a lot I believe the same especially the street
system that’s like yeah Thank You Man thanks little cold thanks for your super
chat as well okay taking it slow this afternoon guys don’t know research hot
is shit here in Atlanta and this weekend it’s gonna be a some type of heat wave
let me put my ASAP Rocky story over here I’m not gonna get into that today unless
people call in and they want to talk tonight pardon me I cloned tonight but
just know that the judge sided with the prosecutors in Sweden and they revised
the press release and they feel that he’s a flight risk and he they they are
gonna indict him talk about that tonight all right um second t hey t t says pick
up to 67 so we can talk about it good afternoon T yo u there mu code 267 hey I
can break I can break it I can break it all down for you cuz I’ve been down
there a couple times in the last couple years
come on come on first of all in America the Americans go down there thinking
this is sweet down there you got a respectful when you go to someone’s
house you gotta respect what they were they doing for you man you go down there
you got pay everybody you guys took body you have to show respect down there
you don’t show respect they will fuck this shit up yeah so you know what you
do not go down there the drive a couple of deaths people had died from driving
them driving cars you put on there for 10 seconds if you’re a logical person
gotta tell they drive and how they drive down there you do not draw them they got
whole family on they got sick people on the fucking moped he’ll drive right down
there there’s like nine traffic lights in the whole fucking Island you cannot
be is not this is not it’s not New York it’s not Virginia is not Uncle Phil it’s
not Li can’t do that it’s different down there you hit the fuckin race and you
said you at the brake you might be Elmo and you flip somebody you have to be
careful down there driving and a-three somebody I wouldn’t your call just the
police will shake you the fuck down and maybe you’re American listen we’ll let
you go but as they should drunk you got hang on you out you out
here drunk you got powder on your nose and you’re
sloppy yeah okay give me what you got ever gonna put your dumb ass in jail for
two weeks given what you got exactly yeah they always put my man down he
won’t put up some wild card or they would put his ass and you have to know
people down if you know the right people down there you’ll be free if you don’t
know nobody get down there’s your food food they gonna take your fucking money
when you go down and you just gotta know what you’re doing don’t throw that crazy
Frank and don’t do all that shit you do it in New York or in Soho well so you
can’t do that shit damn it they will fuck your shit up people down there
you’ll be fine you go down you fuck with the pictures and they got guys that and
it fuck with the girls to this it’s a whole place they selling stuff they
selling the whole island they selling them they selling women you put on there
if you pay your tab get back on the plane come on down and get your freak on
we got everything you need free corn yeah a lot of fucker is down that’s what
you want to free some people you want something coming yeah you can do all
that for four or five days but play your fucking tag get back on that plane and
you keep it moving what people throw down there try to try to run side deal
if they get fucked up they get flip they get robbed baby think it’s bananas you
guys be careful be careful down there I’m telling you
man hey have you ever been to Jamaica well you know maker no nothing to make
nothing to make it before no some real popular Julie yeah simply a popular
cliff or some type of place where people a lot of white people they go to Jamaica
and they go diving and they sell drugs yeah all around the goddamn I forget
what it’s called I’m trying to google that shit right now but say the same
thing we’re similar to what goes on in the dominican republic and you go out
this stage you got to be careful they conducting business I think some wonder
what among people who got killed he was trying to white guy from Canada was
trying to steal drugs down in there I’m having him he got fucking burnt up they
beat him up you got it thrown himself you got to read and custom seven ancient
people just dying on the resort something went down there getting fucked
up because they thinking because they’re not dumb they know they’re doing it very
very smart I got I got from that buy it she had a chick got God came to me
translated with me she act like speaking after I’m done with her she’s speaking
that’s okay I just got enough for ten dollars you gotta be careful down there
man what you got to show respect always thank you so all the stories and stuff
like that yeah they’re trying to scare people but you know what you thought you
got respect you saw the people start to get back on the plane and take your dumb
ass home man thank you for super jet ok guys what is
the name of that place in Jamaica I’ve never been to this place is it Rick’s
Cafe the caves there’s some place in Jamaica where people go they go to get
high and you can buy drugs right there at the
fucking cliff what is that place go jump at uh is it crazy to make him jump in is
it Rick’s Ricky’s simply looking a live chat they may have been there it might
be well maybe I shouldn’t say they sell drugs at the place I’m gonna get sued
is it Rick’s Cafe someone said Dunn’s River Falls that doesn’t sound like it I
think it may they gonna jump off those cliffs and then you got he got there
you got the Rasta man right there I’m selling what you need or some type of a
variation of it you know your old dumb ass in you and your your 50s or 60s
trying to relive your youth fuck around snort some shit you out of here hb2 and good afternoon sir sends in a
super jet it’s no way Christian was pimping actual females it’s clear though
he was pimping underage tranny boys does it make more more game to pimp trannies
or girls I think at this point is probably more profitable to pimp young
trannies I think you’ve got a point sir hb2 and thank you sir for your superjet
our ramon good afternoon salute hater thanks for reminding me
about the grand report the other day man going man man going apeshit on the cops
man snatches what is this register out of the drive-through whoa yeah it’s
crazy oh that sight is crazy if you’re ever like you know just you
know just and I don’t say down-and-out but if you’re just like you know just
exhaust it and you need something to just give you a good chuckle before you
go to sleep go to the grand report calm you’ll giggle your dumb ass right to
sleep hate is enough good afternoon sir ASAP
Rocky is about to get swept off to a Swedish commune whoo like the like the
Blackie in that new film what is this midsummer
midsummer okay and where he will be okay I didn’t see that film I will talk here
with some of the other language that you okay barn breeding I didn’t see that
thumb I heard about it do you recommend it hate is enough
he says hashtag alright P and he says somebody taking a shot at sugar shake
alright she’s not here right now sir thank you uh I’ll read your super chat
later on this evening I do want to do a show this evening get to the bottom of
some of this stuff King Bankhead good afternoon sir
he says husband’s go to dr to kill wives okay that’s another perspective didn’t
think about that again I’ve never been there and I’m not gonna dump on this I
don’t want to go there you know how’s the agriculture there did someone call
an earlier and say that the agriculture is strong if it is then we have to look
at that as well we’re you know we’re eating a lot of fast food and you know
shit here you know you go to a place such as the Dominican Republic if they
do have a good organic agriculture and you eat something that’s you know your
systems not used to and you fucking die you eat the real shit over there here
you eat the fast food bullshit okay someone says great agriculture you know
I’m sure I’m sure okay lady Kay Mossad she says dr is nice
thank you darling i see you in the live chat whoa uh here’s my alleged son vadi
he says pops are you still going to watch kirk franklin tonight and catch
the holy ghost question mark i didn’t get tickets man i tried and then i could
have bought some tickets to the kirk franklin concert but they you know it’s
only like mobile entrance so you could only download the ticket to your phone I
mean I was gonna buy two tickets and I had a young lady know she was down
go and I don’t I don’t want that shit on my phone man and then I gotta wake up
every morning and there’s some holy message on the phone yo just like too
intrusive so I passed hanger said guys I have to save daddy’s emails he claims
he’s my son you know the story I just want to make
sure you know just in case he tries to sue me wonder you know put in the file
pal there you go okay go back to the phone lines area code 443
good afternoon 443 M doing a little research on the Dominican Republic and
Chris kid convicted are you speed four point three but the Econo okay about the
woman yes sir yes you are if you do some more research
and look back a little bit more the woman and her husband I think they have
a history of domestic violence okay and in my opinion I think she
caught the ground of town and tried to put it on a hotel come on come on your
honor mean come on you know cuz I say actually I’m not even watching when I
first saw the story I’ve been there and the hotel I say that was literally
across open up my door and I could see them as that big hotel okay and it is
some parts back that it does look dark oak a little sketchy but like a one of
the color said if you start researching it a little bit more and kind of dig a
little deeper I think we tried to see them it didn’t work out and I don’t know
like you said earlier to is it sounds sketchy right yeah I was done it with my
girl like yo you don’t go nowhere by yourself you don’t leave out in a week
from a different country don’t go nowhere by ourselves you know it just
don’t sound right that’s my thing about it you don’t sound right I think he
caught her ground-and-pound he tried to put it on and try to get the money out
of it well I may or may not do more research I like what you’ve just said
and and I think that that may have some you know legs to it if they did have a
or do have a history of a you know domestic violence there’s a couple maybe
wasn’t fuckin a plan you know who knows it might have been a plan why people do
all sorts of crazy shit we can’t pay our mortgage maybe you
should beat the shit out of me come with me yeah you know you guys find yourself
you know so oh thank you ID yes sir salut okay that’s another theory you
know I just don’t know if I want to like you know blame Dominicans are they’re
savages just you know fucking rob you you know that place correct me if I’m
wrong they make so much goddamn money off of tourism why would anybody want to
fuck that up that’s like drug dealers or owner
fucking on a block nobody wants to shoot a customer nobody wants to fucking make
the blog hot you want to serve the customer come on back go bring your
friends in what do you want you wanna pawn some shit yeah I’ll take I’ll take
what you got me I don’t need what you got but uh I’ll pawn you shit but just
come on back we don’t want no trouble here it just doesn’t make sense I could
be wrong maybe I’m out of order at a line you know just how was beating
tourists for six hours in Dominican Republic
come on that’s what every code 203 good afternoon
have you ever been to the Dominican Republic do o3o hello hello is that
number no no Jean Richmond yeah how are you man good afternoon I’m all right I’m
doing a research show how are you man and I recuperate pay attention let’s
repeat let’s see what it is but what is it about
let’s take it slow hang on a second it’s Friday now listen I know you you know me
Thursday after work you go to happy hour you get low
turned up as you should this is America you work hard Friday you recuperate it’s
now Friday are you just now waking up your sound a little groggy yeah I woke
up you know like about maybe about 45 minutes ago you’re hungry I’m hungry now
and I can’t find it I can’t I’m D hi I’m dehydrated my sessions here I’m looking
for also yeah yeah for to love I woke up and I was in need of something and I
don’t have it well I appreciate you calling in and we’re talking about Chris
kid he’s been convicted in a Manhattan court sex trafficking all sorts of crazy
shit and the Dominican Republic I’m just exploring it’s a crazy theory I’ll do
I’ll do my regular show tonight but uh have you ever been to the Dominican
Republic well before answered the military public question uh Chris kid I
reached out to me long time ago when we were doing the morning shoulder and make
an appearance or stuff like that but I just something didn’t feel right about
the guy so I’m never really responded to him yeah but uh if if you if you did
these things you must pay a price you must pay a price yes oh yeah God sees
everything Thank You Republic God sees everything
Oh course garfi everything at anything with you dude let me see what you just
saw hope you behave yourself I hope you behave yourself okay as for the
Dominican Republic you need a special investigation team put together by the
United States to go down there find out why all these American people aren’t
dying in the last six months they got a death toll that’s nearing who does what
is going on every night now listen the numbers I got are within the last 18
months ten people what do you mean two dozen sounds like you’re feeding into
the prop again what what you mean what I mean no no
what I’m talking about people tell me the information my information wrong Oh
yours is yours have to be right there you’ve got the big channel with what the
million viewers yeah because because because your should because your MSNBC
your Fox News and I’m in for Wars oh okay it’s come on come on tell us about
the two dozen people in six months than have died in the dr please come on okay
okay what we do know what we do know is that we have dead people and excess of
about two ducks and some people have got a heart attack so he’s not that of what
they call unusual circumstances and stuff like that and and they’re even
talking about potential murder but you don’t want to talk about what’s going on
how people might be they could be a serial killer out there you don’t know
it could be a serial killer out there it could be some sort of a cult activity no
no III I’m crazy sounds like you’re in the bathroom now okay so hang on a
second because I know you’re just getting up you’ve got some things to do
if we can just go left for a second what’s up what’s a young black guys name
he used to be on Infowars was it Martin something nice to ask you about him
Kevin Martin Kevin Martin I saw something when he recently flipped no
he’d no longer supporting Trump D but I don’t keep I don’t keep tabs on
turncoats and lo live I don’t care what Martin understands that he just sold his
soul to the devil I hope he understands that and I hope Bernie Sanders gives
everything to him that he deserves hmm I don’t talk to a Benedict I don’t
talk to Benedict Arnold yeah hey yeah Kevin Martin we used to talk about him I
saw something with him on what was it Van Jones showing he’s sitting there
talking him out he’s he’s off of the Trump train RC Maxwell my good friend RC Maxwell
gave them a public whooping oh how much of a liar
was and he’s a closeted Bernie supporter are see my good friend Artie Maxwell
exposed him and then he went to see and then he went to CNN to Talk That Talk
Kevin Martin you’re at Oracle and Kevin Martin I hope you’re not allowed back
here okay you’re not allowed back here when
Trump comes into power 2020 you can’t come back here
that’s what I’m saying you can’t come back all right listen number nine I’m
gonna keep overdosing man I’m gonna keep it pushing butane eww if anything money
say again please help me come on guys how much you need I need some money
haven’t you let me clean it out okay send me your PayPal information text it
to me okay I think but okay I’ll give him $20 I don’t loan money you know if
he needs 20 Oh I’ll give him 20 good guy never now you know always on the party
train I caught that voice I looked at the the computer I said Friday sounds
like number nine then I said I’m partying all night on Thursday he
parties on Thursdays hang on I said guys I’m just a little research here and when
I just comb through some of this stuff here maybe my theory is off you know and
again I’ve never been to the Dominican Republic but you know people go there to
party why would anybody just want to fuck up the party and stop the bag you
know you have to be stupid okay here’s a young way thank you young lady I get
your your email she’s reached out to me about something has nothing to do with
this show but business she said she’s watching okay okay who sends in a cash
app here wait a minute is this a an exclusive take a just got convicted for
murder faces five to 99 years d chill thank you
sir for your cash at hmm take it wasn’t he crying in the coset guys in the interrogation room
take a Cynthia with him hold on said his dumb ass down don’t doing too much okay
I don’t see it just yet what is this Jesse’s smollett special prong
prosecutor is BS and the judge is prejudiced whoa okay TMZ since we’re
doing research jussie Smollett talking reckless about
about the Chicago prosecutor what is this Jesse’s mother is pushing back
against the appointment of a special prosecutor for his criminal case in
Chicago all y’all can suck a dick not he didn’t say that I’m just scanning his
story yo beats boss good afternoon sir just
sent in a super chat Big Papi got shot in the back in the deal yes he did
what makes you think they care about your american asses for all your for all
your suicidal vacations just visit Memphis okay okay well you know Big Papi
I don’t know the full story but supposedly he was smashing somebody’s
girl you know slinging at a slinging that dick you know around stunting on
people nobody wants to stunting you know we can fuck where you from where you go
maybe that’s what happened to him but thank you for your super chat hey this
enough says mister was mid-summer part me mid-summer was an interesting film
white folks practicing sensing and breeding and rituals okay okay I’m gonna
have to check that out I saw the advertisement
thank you for your superjet hate is enough I’ll check that out I may even
watch that this weekend I may check it out Elvis Rosenberg good afternoon sir
everything said yesterday was in the hypothetic
okay oh yes okay plum yes last night’s show yeah yeah
he must have wants to be broadcast and say whoa what was I saying
I’ll leave it at that let’s go back to the phone lines
area code nine one four grab to noon nine one four talking about Chris kid
convicted if you know who he is or Dominican Republic are you there hey
everybody calling out the PX man yeah I’m good I’m good
Chris can rot in jail probably see Victor he’s probably poly guilty
the officers Dominican Nagi’s is brining there but the whole reason people went
out for the DRF they have fun there so you got to know what you’re doing what
you’re going on in have you ever been there yourself clap you minion I haven’t
I have my boys go down there all the time I was supposed to go down there in
all this man but now hear about people getting swale up all right come on I’m
about to retake that join band play my boys go got on the regular and they have
a good time well hang on a second you just said those niggas are grimy can you
give us a little bit more detail on how the generic Dominican aggressive grimy
as opposed to the Jamaican niggas in Spanish town and Trenchtown in places
like how are they dominican niggas grimy what I’m gonna give this grimy tool but
this medikit niggas like I’m for the PX man and I had some dealings with some
any convicted man and they they left one of my tools and scattered a lot of a
building man back in 2000 I wanted Shawn over but was the money that was also
some law I don’t occlusive baby didn’t leak his own place so your friend was
involved in drug activity he tried to get slick on the Dominicans and uh they
weren’t going for the bullshit you know late if your friend was out of pocket
the Dominicans were trying to conduct American business you know as opposed to
just killing your they gave him the chance to pay his
fucking tab and you know he said fuck you you guys dumb in a can yeah yeah
they sent a message to us you know I’m saying they sent a message is pretty
clear don’t say it means it was pretty real I
don’t message them to land a no joke don’t play alright good to talk to you
man thank you thank you I’m just asking yeah I’ve never been there so I’m not
gonna dump on the place but you know I know
greedy Americans you know when they go to different countries I’ve been one of
those greedy Americans when I traveled abroad you know just doing too much hang
on a second Bob I don’t understand what this is that you’re saying do you want
to call okay he’s sending me this has nothing to do with a Chris kid pardon me
guys but the cops you sent me a picture of something personal okay I’ll look at
that later Bob it was with the other Chris kid heading I thought he was
giving me some more information on Chris kid holy shit that’s crazy Bob all right
so folks I’m not gonna be here too long this is afternoon I just want to do a
little research you know and again let me thank the person who sent me that
video did I mention the person’s name it’s a crazy name tongue deep in white
ass 69 that’s who sent me the fucking link to this video it’s good video
though serial poisonous in Dominican Republic question mark okay there you go
a couple more phone calls here area code two four eight good afternoon
two four eight and talking about the Dominican Republic is it getting a bad
rep come on that was noisy that’s good Koda
is this nomads nickel in a second area code four one five good afternoon
what’s happening start no madness Montana Bay will tell me now you what’s
going on bus so another day in paradise another day in paradise
okay so I called in about the Dominican Republic situation so I have a lot of
friends like you know Dominican Republic for a lot of people is like uh it’s like
a sex resort getaway a lot of people like to go get their rocks off you know
a lot of couples like to go a lot of swingers it’s a big really popular among
swingers to me the situation sounds like they got back so you know she went out
with a couple of their other couple friends they all went out once his show
went out had drinks came back to the hotel
she says she was hungry she needed a meal somehow found her way across the
street at another spot and I think that she ended up linking up with a dude that
she probably had seen dancing earlier are you talking about the story that I
referenced earlier Nick I’m a little confused
again I don’t know where’s Nomad Nick his phone go out Nick
pick it up pick it up his phone dropped out it’s not me guys I’ll go to UM
another cash app until he either comes back on or he calls back old dog 72 says
store can you pick up five five nine hold on a second Oh dog 72 you there I called you a couple weeks ago okay
what’s poppin that’s documented so here’s what they’re reporting down there
I’ve seen the news reports from their hand of the investigation they’re saying
the husband I’m their Peter to death and tried to and they’re trying to see the
resort man they did they’ve got footage of okay so now yeah what you’re saying
is consistent with the guy who called in a few minutes ago he said maybe the
husband beat the shit so that’s what they’re saying down in
the report really that’s right that’s the report and and the other one with a
finger from the minibars the reports say they were on some
current prescription medicine turning up that’s the cause yeah go down people go
to these places they want to get high they want to reclaim their youth they
want to buy some drugs you know on the sly your body can’t can’t deal with that
shit anymore you have a fucking bad reaction your breathing gets fucked up
you check out it can be that simple something or they got a place called a
colonial zone that’s what a lot of torch and hang out easy-easy we don’t talk
many minors let’s slow down Wow well listen keep me posted if you find
anything different on this story because in today’s New York Daily News
they got this poor white woman she’s crying with the glasses and she’s saying
she was beaten for fucking six hours and all she could see was the fucking of the
uniform some uniform that the guy had on but she could recognize his face it just
it sounds like bullshit you know oh you heard about this hole he was a trade
agreement that they were supposed to have with Australia and they danced with
China at the last minute yes and that was a few months before all this stuff
went down you look like America’s community public
because they didn’t go in the direction America was want them to yeah that could
have a lot to do with this I mean in terms of the propaganda but thank you
for calling man thank you for your your cash app as well yes sir salute okay I
don’t know what happened to nomads Nick his battery must have died or something
tried to hang on as long as they could somebody sent me an email from the grand
report folks I I go to the gram report daily please don’t fill up my email with
that you know grand report fights and brawls I watch that shit on my own you
know I saw some girls butt ass naked when I’m having uh some type of yellow
tank top Britney she was they were fighting at Burger King I was sipping my
coffee eating my fucking glazed donut enjoying a shit
keep up the good work support from Soundview BX hey Sheen and YC I know
sound view is a big place but I had a really really good friend man and he um
he died maybe seven years ago and he lived in sound view back actually you
know what in the 70s and 80s he was raised in sound view projects I know
it’s a big project but maybe you know of and maybe you don’t maybe don’t even
give a shit but uh that’s just what I remember sound view great guide man he
worked at a lot of record labels I wanna say his name you know for clout but um
thanks for your support man great memories ever yokota
6:09 good afternoon 609 the Dominican Republic are they getting a bad rap for
a greedy Americans yeah yeah yeah baby gonna bet a couple pounds okay think
it’s fun cool you ain’t a bad speaker phone can you can you get off the
speaker phone it’s it’s very glad echo its again you’re in a bad headset or
speakerphone London yeah a little closer a little closer
alright thank God I got you on the phone that sounds better there you go okay so
you say you’ve been here a couple of times no problems you you go do drugs do
what you smash bitches no I mean they got some trash we and I
wouldn’t do no I now a mess that coca stuff and I like
that you got some trash weed out there but um okay but uh no I was real cool
you know people get what you get what you want you know come on that’s a
resort look you know go old you can I ask how old you come on 47 okay okay you
know there’s a lot of people who come from America and they go to other places
and they try to be slick and they try to act like they’re fucking that you know
ballers and shot-callers back here in the states in reality they just work
regular fucking jobs and they try to push off this air of superiority in
other places and they get caught out there oh definitely a lot of expatriates
out there you know people have in the United States they know what’s happening
to us who you are yeah sometimes if you go to another
country you know and you’re doing too much
and you get beat on a drug transaction just go home oh go back to the hotel
take you know and call it a night dumb ass back to the resort and knock you the
fuck off you know yeah get on that plane to take you asshole everything else good
man you know about Christian convicted in any okay yeah yeah follow that story
at first you know I was talking to Dana I know Dana was like girl like he’s
convicted already but he got convicted yeah hang on a second if you all you
have to do is just type in Chris kid convicted Tom Smith it was the young
girl underage sex trafficking and it’s really it’s kind of gross I don’t want
to talk about this because YouTube has you know Community Guidelines but uh
he’s out of here there’s got to do a decade minimum on each count what one
he’s gotta do 15 years minimum and the other one is a decade he gets sentenced
on November the first about two bucks yeah
message to Makaveli oh that’s crazy yeah I’m about to block fortunate thank you
man all right okay wait hold on a second let
me just check a couple of other notes here check my time I have to run out oh
so I got a call and then someone sent me a text a friend who knows a good
Jamaican restaurant here in Atlanta where they always have mac and cheese
I’m gonna try and go there this evening before tonight’s show because as you may
or may not know I don’t hang out and party in Atlanta been there done that
I’m here on business so I always get my dinner early and then I just you know I
come home and I’m this way if I have it just you know a cocktail I can stay
inside and be safe and then have to deal with any any drummond bullshit so I did
get a tip I’ll keep you guys posted I’m not going to promote the place just yet
until I go there and see if they have mac and cheese right oh that’s that’s
the homie the family hold on a second and one of the few people I don’t mind
texting me during the show whoa wait a minute I have to promote this I’m super
nova slum and my my family Queen of four they will be in Atlanta
tomorrow July the 20th I’m gonna try and go it’s a little supernova good to hear
from you man okay okay listen I’m gonna try and make it I do have a power-packed
weekend but this is me to see where they’re gonna be at exactly 879 Ralph David missus Boulevard
Abernathy Boulevard okay 879 Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard southwest Atlanta GA
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. okay supernovas slum and queen of four I
should be able to make that thank you man let me just respond guys that’s
family Lou okay I’ll try and make it tranny chaser on the check-in via super
chat damn Chris Kidd was pimping trannies Wow
can’t lie that tranny Wang be hittin different and shout out to them hey
convicted convicted Chris Kade I’m sure other people will do you know more
stories from a personal perspective I didn’t know him like that
you know he called into the show I interviewed him twice and you know there
were there were times when he got mad at me I’m like wait what do you mad at me
if I’m showing you how to do this this and that in terms of YouTube tell him to
stay away from drama tension beef and he just he got weird man I mean yeah just I
don’t I don’t dislike the guy but I just I always got a sense that he was just
weird you know anyway um Thank You tranny chaser for
your super jet propane K 1982 says keep it real you were jealous of foster
Silver’s as a kid you said to yourself I keep my afro tighter than him
why does he get to have all the fun question mark and that was cute the
silver is were actually the group that I liked I almost want to say more than the
Jackson fire but you know Michael Jackson the Jackson 5 they just they put
it down so much so much for me throughout the 70s you couldn’t hit on
the Jackson 5 the silvers they had a great run you know but they turned into
more of a a bubblegum outfit as time went on was a hot
line hotline all that shit but no I was never jealous of him
I used to tell people that was my cousin because I thought we looked alike maybe
you read my book and you saw my picture thank you for your super joke okay
beets boss you see females don’t know I’m here to talk about the Dominican
Republic 425 is that nomad Nick yeah what’s up storm back what happen your
phone men don’t know what happened there that’s your phone no I don’t know man
well you bad leave your phone that’s mine
yeah uh yeah like I said man I just think that a lot of it has to do with
they probably had an agreement that she can go fuck around some other dude but
she probably overstayed the time he woke up in the morning felt differently about
it in check that man gave her a nice little stiff uppercut and that was it
well since you’re now a little bit late you’re late new details have come
forward and somebody called in who just came back from the Dominican Republic
and there’s they’re claiming down there that they have video footage of this
woman supposedly having a disagreement or an altercation with her husband now
with regards to what you said that doesn’t make sense because she didn’t
wake up with whoever beat her supposedly she was missing eight hours she was
missing for the eight hours overnight she spent the night came back in the
morning and he beat her up that’s what I’m saying
Oh her husband you say okay husband husband yeah I don’t think yeah I don’t
think that anybody from the Dominican couple did that because tourism is the
light better their economy you know even with the people getting poisoned I think
if anybody is doing it from the Dominican Republic
it’s probably some guy that’s match some weird lonely in so that doesn’t have
access to women that’s probably angry that all their women are fucking around
with all these turns so he’s probably trying to scare them away you get what
I’m saying I think it’s I think it’s something to do with that I don’t think
it’s uh I do think it’s like a serial poisoner like a serial killer kind of
vibe where he’s you know tainting alcohol there to keep tourists away
because he probably feels like he’s not giving them
okay now hanger can we go back for a second because now that I think about
what you said I mean there may be some truth there she went out to get some
some some native cock so native cock she wanted to do a little blow you know and
to get freaky freaky freaky now she then went on she gets so high that she passes
out she gets high whoever hits her g-spot she orgasms all over the place
and she passes out she wakes up and it’s fucking daylight goes back to the hotel
as you just said her husband starts pounding order yeah that’s it man he
beat her with the Tyson blows man period make sense yeah you know story you’re
catching the fight tomorrow I’m gonna try can you give me a little more
details on it yeah you got Pacquiao Manny Pacquiao going up against Keith
Thurman on pay-per-view hosted by the premier boxing federation which is
basically Floyd bad weathers promotional company this is a really big fight this
is supposed to be the fight where Keith Thurman is supposed to you know
basically exhibit his welterweight dominance show that he’s one of the top
you know five top three welterweights in the world I don’t see it happening man I
think Manny Pacquiao even at this advanced age has way too many tricks in
his book you know even Vegas right now kind of has Pacquiao slightly above and
this shouldn’t really really be the story because you know Thurman is
supposed to be that guy Thurman supposed to be the truth he was supposed to be
the future and you know since he had a shoulder to shoulder surgery from
injuring it he really hasn’t really he struggled against was Osito Lopez and
the last fight a couple months back and I know a lot of people really think
Thurman is gonna win but I have a strange feeling back out could it beat
the brakes off okay well isn’t you know yeah send me the link and let’s you and
I talk behind the scenes at some point tomorrow because I have a bunch of stuff
to do tomorrow but at some point I may want to film that fight yeah
take him and thank you okay no man Nick calling back in trouble with his trap
phone from earlier okay guys I’m out of here again I just want to do a little
research here on this dominican republic you know propaganda you know and I mean
no disrespect to this woman Tammy if she was innocently beaten by some stranger
you know she seems to be recovering and she’s got a three million dollar lawsuit
against the Dominican Republic resort and I’m sure she’ll be suing a lot of
other people as well and keep me posted and I will see you guys at some point
tonight let me get the homies banner mr. Cedric Muhammad it’s my friend all right
take care guys be safe you

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