How to use Jump Starter on a Dead Car Battery

How to use Jump Starter on a Dead Car Battery

one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer Channel one of the most annoying things happens
to everybody once in a while, is being stuck in a car with a dead battery that
won’t start it, so today I’m going to show you, how you’ll never have to be
stuck with a dead battery again, believe it or not, this tiny jump-starting
battery can start this giant dead v8 Ford, and I have no idea how they did it, but
they can get 400 amps out of this thing, comes with the cables, and I didn’t
believe that it would work, and I tried it on a bunch of cars, watch this, this Ford
was towed over here, it’s so dead, power windows won’t even come down, does
nothing when you turn the key, so I’ll hook up the cables positive the positive,
negative your negative, as you can see now, it’s charging it, and here we go, starts right up, personally I’m still
amazed at that this tiny little battery will start this big v8 truck, and to top things off,
this baby’s foolproof, look what happens if you hook it up backwards, if your dumb enough to put the positive on the negative, and a negative on a positive, before any
damage is done, the machine warns you, it has a little red light that says don’t
do it, and since the machine doesn’t send power to the battery until you push the
button, it does no damage if you hook it up backwards, and notice the little red
light comes on, they warned you that you did it wrong, and that little power button
also let you do something you normally aren’t supposed to do, you can put the
positive terminal on the positive, and the negative on the negative, and you
don’t have to worry about a spark igniting any fumes, because there’s no power
until you push the button, and since the button is internal here, you can’t get
any spark that’s going to ignite anything, so you can just put positive to positive,
and negative to negative, and not worry about any sparks causing any kind of
explosion, and it’s got other uses too, it’s got all kinds of little lights you
can turn on, if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere at night, it’s got
flashes for warning people, little other flashes, strobes back and forth, and just
a straight flashlight and being LED babies can run along time on this big battery, you don’t have to worry about them going dead when you
finally need to use them, now it comes with a handy USB charger that plugs
right in your cigarette lighter, and if you want to recharge it in the house, hey
I just plug it into my Samsung charger because it works on the same voltage as this,
and speaking of tablets and iPhones and computers this baby’s got a USB out plug,
you just plug it in here, then plug the other end in here device, and I ran
this thing on vacation, watched movies all day long, and it was still working
fine, this thing will power that for a long time, now it’s not going to get your cat off
of the roof, but it’s sure handy for doing lots of stuff, especially keeping
your car from not starting when the battery goes bad, so if you never want to
be stranded with a dead battery again, you might try one of these genius boost,
and remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer
channel and I’ll answer them as soon as this kookaburra is done laughing

100 thoughts on “How to use Jump Starter on a Dead Car Battery

  • looks like an advert movie Scotty, you didnt move the key, did not press actually to the window buttons, I am sure the battery was not dead…

  • Will you please reply: My Pontiac Bonneville 2000, Cadillac here in Reno, did a full diagnostic, and they said I needed a fuel pump, fuel relay in front, and a fuel filter, all that has been replaced, but I have just been using my other truck my husband's truck, and not turning it on everyday, so it has been sitting there for almost 7 months without running, would that cause a dead battery, even though, I had everything replaced, we have just been using his truck, so I tried my car of course it was dead but I drove it for 15 minutes and then let it run for 15, then when I went to try it, it was dead, it didn't turn over at all. What do you think, oh if my Dad saw that Gizmo, he would say it is Fool Proof, but not Idiot Proof, he was a sales manager for Grainger, he knew every joke in the Book.

  • what is your opinion on people who buy sports cars and "store " them and never drive them after they purchase it Scotty ?

  • I bought one 2 months ago. It takes 3 hours for the initial charge on a faster charger like Samsung. The more common USB chargers will take longer! And you Cannot charge from an AC outlet which seems to me it would charger faster. It is only USB! And don't even think about charging it from your cigarette lighter because odds are, Your battery is dead!! That's a no brainer! Plus it would likely take 5 hours for initial charge on the cigarette lighter. However, after the 3 hour wait, I connected it to my Acura TL and it started immediately! Like there was no dead battery attached to it. And I checked the Amount of charge left on the Genuis Boost, after a week it is still fully charge. So I think you can get several cranks out of the Genius boost. No more asking someone for a JUMP! And no more large clunky "jumper cables". And it is tiny, easy to store. Its worth the extra money. I bought the 1000 watt version.

  • As soon as I notice the telltale change in the sound of the starter I get a new battery installed. In 43 years of driving I can only think of one time a battery failed with no prior warning. I think it's quite rare.

  • I would be really interested to hear what Scotty thinks of capacitive chargers. They apparently will reverse battery sulphation and keep lead acid batteries, ni-cads and so forth going much, much longer. They also claim to bring back old batteries that are physically intact, have not been run dry or abused in other ways. I have tried the "bumping" technique for ni-cads and it seems to extend the life of portable tools for a while. I think the rapid charge/discharge characteristic of capacitors combined with some relatively basics electronics to smooth the charge are what does the job. Small, on-board versions are found on-line but, their efficacy and reliability are a question mark. Obviously, this type of charger would have a huge impact on the electric car, solar and wind storage, potable tool and other battery storage applications. I have also used the "Epsom salts" sulphation reversal technique and it does seem to help revive old batteries that are not abused. Be a hero Scotty and put your experienced eye on this issue.

  • Lol at all the misinformed comments written as if they had something worthy to say

    To everyone else, just look up the reviews on Amazon for the NOCO genius boost Sport. And remember to continue to be weary of advice coming from random loud individuals. Cheers!

  • I wish this guy was my neighbor lol with all these issues in life great to have someone like this around…

  • Thank you for your help reconditioning my batteries .I was just about to throw out 3 old batteries that I thought were completely dead. But I was able to recondition them using your methods in less than 1 hour [Check Details Here==> ]! This just save me hundreds of dollars.

  • Gday scotty may have to send you a kangaroo to go with the kookaburra mate love your videos keep up the great work bud Dean from Aus

  • is there any danger to leaving this inside a hot car trunk for a long time? . And I'm talking extreme summer temperatures

  • I finally realized who Scotty reminds me of: Cliff Stoll, a mathematician who makes glass klein bottles and is very excited about that fact.

  • I had something years ago on my Chevelle. I ran a dual battery system off an isolator. Then if the main battery ever went dead, I could jump start off the secondary battery. Plus I ran the stereo, amp and fog lights off the secondary battery, reducing the strain off the primary.

  • For you people saying this product does not work . . . . .
    1. It will not help start your car if your engine is seized.
    2. It will not help start your car if your starter is bad .
    3. It will not help start your car if you have an electric problem.

    The product works if it is used for it's specific purpose.
    Of course if you have just cranked the hell out of your engine and it did not start and brought the voltage down to 7 volts, you obviously have a problem other than the battery . . . .this product will help you though, once you fix the underlying problem that prevented it from starting . . .

  • Good Video But now tech has moved on there is a man who reviews these on EweTube, is ones are 2017 models…..but good video tape by the way……

  • Took mine back.
    Bought this on your rec.
    Will start cars 4.3 Astro and IH 154 gas tractor.
    I couldn't get 3 starts with out charge down to 50%.
    Hype not lived up to.
    Others on market that are better and don't have to lie.
    1000 amp 8 g cables?

  • Rugged geek also makes a quality jumper (have jumped multiple vehicles no prob)….what sets them apart is they also have adapters to charge devices and you can order a model with an air compressor. One of the best purchases I have made. Easily worth the $150 price on Amazon.

  • Hay , what is the difference between a charged battery and a new one ๐Ÿ™ƒ? because they advise to replace the batteries every 3 or 5 years ๐Ÿ’ธsince the new batarij would have the same tension than a charged battery ? or am I wrong๐Ÿค” thanks

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  • I have a similar battery booster. Ive already tried charging and running my lap top (19v 3.5 ah) off of it, and it worked fine. My question is, Can I use my booster to power a Inogen g4, portable oxygen unit? I have both a 12 v, 10 amp outlet, and a 19v 3.5 outlet on my aicker jump starter.

  • My nephew saved my butt with one of these things. On Christmas Day the -15 degree weather finally finished off my 5 year old battery. I even had the head bolt heater plugged in, wouldn't turn over. He got his little brick-sized booster out, hooked it up, and the car turned over like it was summer. I'm getting one of these!

  • These things are SUPER sketchy. They're using very cheap hobby-grade Lipo packs to turn over a vehicles starter motor. Those packs were never intended to be used that way, and often overheat and go into thermal runaway.

    Not to mention that you can't just leave these in your trunk. The packs will rapidly decay with the wild temperature changes and puff up.

  • nice commercial ya moron… here's what these companies do… they send him a free smaple that he gets to keep to basically make a commercial out of their product… This particular one is a well known brand but it's far from what it claims to be… I suggest you do some homework before you buy this device… another thing to consider is extreme heat (like during the summer) i would not keep this inside of the car. Lithium-ion batteries and heat don't mesh… you're safer getting one of the bigger units with lead-acid battery… yeah sure it's a bit larger but… it's safer and can provide more electricity to jump your car…
    You should probably tell people that you were sponsored by a product when you make a video like this…

  • _*This quick and easy method, you can have nearly unlimited amounts of battery power โ€ฆfor nearly no cost [Check Details Here>>>>
    ]. Enough to even live off-grid and power all of your devices an electronics! This easy method works for nearly all kinds of old/dead batteries tooโ€ฆ_*

  • 400A wouldn't crank over my Jeep 5.9; so, I got one with 1000A. Actually had to use it the other day and VROOM! Started with no problem at all.

  • Thanks for this great tutorial, Scotty! Only a few weeks ago I was in the situation that my battery was empty, it has only 0,34V left! And unfortunately I had just a electronic portable jump starter that usually doesn't work when the battery is on such low voltage. But I found a solution for everyone who got stuck in this situation!

    Just use a new 9V block battery and connect it parallel to the battery together with your jump starter. Now your battery has "theoretically" 9V and the device will recognize it.

    There is no danger using a 9V block battery , because all power from the jump starter and the alternator will flow directly into the empty car battery and will not try to charge the 9V block battery. When you start your car, the 9V block battery will be immediately drained, so you can only try it once, but it should work on the first try.

    After that don't forget to disconnect the 9V block battery. You're welcome!

  • Hey Scotty, with all the hundreds of jump starters today how can you choose wich one you need? Thanks

  • Have you ever had a problem with the cables reaching terminals? I notice some cars battery terminals are far apart. Thoughts?

  • I'm getting one of these so i can help those who can't afford it or who can't realize it's cheaper in the long haul to have a jumper in their personal vehicle. These days people don't stop like they used to (they assume they will be ambushed)

  • For those who said it's cheaper to buy a spare battery to keep in trunk, what do you do when you use that?…… you purchase another battery as a spare right! while you spend 130-160 per battery others will spend 40-120 for a device that lasts as long as you take care of it. I still have my DieCast 900 Amp from 3 years ago but its pretty heavy so buying one of these will be better and lighter.

  • How often do you have to charge it if you don't start your car with it. If it just sits in your Van at Temps between 30* to 110*? If you just use the flash lite or charge a phone?

  • I actually picked up one of these a few years ago and kept it in my trunk in case I need it. It's good one to have in your car. You don't have to bother anyone for a jump start. When I was cleaning my car today, I had a person asking me if I had a jumper cables because the battery of his truck died. I told him I don't have one, but I do have the genius boost. Hooked it up to his battery terminal, and it started like it was nothing. Glad I could help him. Poor guy was stranded all day.

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  • Truck wouldn't start (again).
    Googled instructions for the CORRECT way to hook up jumper cables.
    Came across this video.
    Jumped in my car.
    Bought this thing at the local auto parts store. Literally in that order.

    Just waiting for it to charge now so I can get my truck going!

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