Flying to Block Island & landing w/ Devesh – Student Pilot

Flying to Block Island  & landing w/ Devesh – Student Pilot

where are we going block Island woohoo [music] Brookhaven Traffic. Cessna departing runway 24 Airspeed is alive. Engine instruments are in the green. Good job and get that shimmy out of there. Brookhaven Traffic. Cessna is upwind runway 24 Hello Youtube. Hi Youtube We are here with Devesh and doing our first cross country Devesh is a freshman at Dowling College School of Aviation [radio chatter in background] Devesh is just in the middle of his first stage check Stay tuned because you will see his solo flight video soon Since we had a little bad weather his stage check flight has been delayed We are bumping ahead a little bit and getting our first cross country flight done to keep him on schedule Get that private done sometime Absolutely, So do you have any advice for someone who is starting flying. Especially in the beginning stage? What you enjoyed the most or found the most difficult? The first thing I noticed was how much fun it was My first flight was absolutely amazing I couldn’t stop flying and just wanted to fly more and more. As most people will learn or as they start flying will understand how difficult it is to land at first Getting that center line and getting that landing as good as you want it to be… or as Matt wants it to be [Laughing] I am a little picky but it pays off in the long run Oh, trust me it does. I am a little under 20 hours of flying and I’m already doing some really nice landings Really nice landings and practically greasing them in 24 knots winds I spend a little more time on getting you to that solo stage but everything really locks in afterwards You are doing full slips to landings, no flap landings and dropping it in and landing in strong crosswinds So we know you are going to rock it and be safe when you solo [music] [airplane noise] [water drop]

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