Box Fort Zombies Vs AC130 GUNSHIP Airplane! Nerf War Z Challenge 📦😱

Box Fort Zombies Vs AC130 GUNSHIP Airplane! Nerf War Z Challenge  📦😱

Jake zombie 25 hi guys so if you’re just tuning in we
are currently inside our house and there are 25 bandits in here
not to mention about a hundred zombies outside we’ve just learned that trader
Joe was actually working with the bandits and that’s where he gets all the
items to trade us you could say trader Joe is a trader that would be really
funny Logan and I would laugh at that if there wasn’t 25 bandits surrounding us
no guys we need to figure out a way to take out all of these bandits I heard a
couple of them talking about an airplane they have in the basement and we
currently want to try and get to a military base not too far from here so
we can gear up and get extremely good supplies and take back our house you
guys think we can do it and if you guys love these zombie videos slap that like
button I think we’re gonna need at least 50,000 likes to do this ok Jake but with
25 bandits in our house how are we gonna get to the airplane we gotta make our
way to the basement quietly once we’re down there we can figure out what’s
going on there’s a couple bandits we should be able to take them out I think
we’re gonna have to go back down the rope we used to get up here and make
your way into the basement that’s where they said the airplane is hopefully it’s
up and operational we can jump in and fly out of here Indiana jones-style
let’s move closed Jegs dude he got me my armor you
think I’m wearing this vest come on we gotta move fast can’t make too much
noise come on oh no we got a problem looks like stores picking up we got to
get down here and fast not to mention when these storms start
going somebody seemed to come out of the woods be extra careful with rappelling
look I’ll need you on point you see any bandits take them out got it Oh Jake you
got a zombie you sure don’t want to draw any attention to no one okay looks like
more zombies are coming I don’t know what it is about snowstorms I seem to
love them good news is though I don’t think any of the bands will be heading
out in this should be safe outside think I’m ready let’s be quick about this get
some going first all right now your turn all right come
on low you drop chief we got it oh that’s a close one
oh man this really come on we need to make it to the basement is the ice break
don’t step on this careful careful we will falter ice McClung we can’t go
through the bunker we’re gonna have to find another way into the basement what
inside the fort got him let’s keep moving we gotta find a way in
we go through the bunker it’s too dangerous
kids at the risk by now they might know about it look we’re gonna have to go
through the garage and make her way into the basement throw this at the airplane
last one are you looking through the garage go why through the garage James I
can’t risk going through the forward again
they probably already figured it out by now plus we left the door open
hurry up Oh careful gasps aah blow here that’s gross no more poking Zhaan this is sleeping
there’s all of you sleep no Jake but let’s go and it’s freezing
hey I got power house closed I’m running low on ammo to dink I’m out of ammo
I kept that you’re out of him I’m out of ammo too is useless it’s a weapon Logan
we can find you ammo hey wait this is a crush maybe there’s something in here
you always see some be weapons we don’t suffer garages oh I got a ball okay I
could throw this at someone yeah I found a bat that’s that’s good it’s gonna get
okay maybe we can find another weapon when we get down I’d be quiet and follow
me just right there which Alex yes we gotta make a way to the basement always
keep a spare nerf gun in every room okay know that but that’s that’s good to know
you could have told me that a couple minutes ago well at least now you have I think this must be the plane look they
got some shirt a base over here since we’re building some sort of defenseless
everyone in the base know exactly Logan got a problem don’t you don’t you
oh wait oh it’s a grenade here’s the here’s look ornate and you have a pistol
with a couple bullets and how are we taking out an entire base we need to get
in this airplane and out of here Jake I don’t know if we have an option got an
idea stay here don’t move can I take it out of you hi come on dr.
Satcher let’s get in the plane quickly go go go
gee pitchblack it’s gotta be a power system somewhere in here there like a
light switch or something dude this is like an ac-130 niggas stockpiling
weapons in here it’s these crazy wait I got a visual on something looks like
it’s electrical powered and it’s missing a generator no generator a generator
should be in here there’s no generator they’re probably working on it means the
plane has no power means you can’t take off we need to find a generator for it
well that’s great Jake its pitch black I don’t see a generator if you want around
here me if they got this far building the plane I’m sure they have to have a
generator I mean you wouldn’t build a plane better generate if you don’t know
you have a generator you build the carriage before you own a horse no more
guys to come out before the power might be down but the church systems are
probably still working okay Wow this is powerful we got another one
coming out do the biggest BC alright I think that
was a laugh though come on let’s go into their base and see if they have a
generator in there quickly before Marshall I’m gonna take this shotgun for
the road whoa dude check this out
get a stockpile in here there’s tons of stuff oh my ballistic mats
I missed this thing you’ve been stealing our stuff ah Henry you’re right
generator well we got night vision goggles empty no generator get out of
here it’s a little crazy but when we exited the sewer system I saw an
electrical box those things normally have generators inside them I’m not
going back to the sewer we don’t have to go back to this room we just need to get
outside of it if I can get inside there and grab the generator it should work
for the plane I mean it might not have a ton of power but it’ll be enough to get
us to the military base we need is a way to get down there and fast it’s the
middle of a snowstorm and there’s zombies it might be a snowstorm in there
zombies but this is our house and I don’t know if you remember but we got a
little help on our hands it’s our best option to get in the plane
up and running and here scrap some of the body armor grab as much ammo and
weapons as we can looks like we’re going where’s the jello give me a few seconds
you still watch so we’re pretty clear Jake how’s it going
we got the generator yeah well I mean I think it’s a generator I
don’t know it’s the only thing you’re fighting there come on see if it works
on the plane we’re gonna get back there and fast let’s go play you get out of
here whoa that was crazy thing we gotta go
fast I’m putting the generator it could take
me a couple seconds to wire it all right here we go should work it worked oh nice
you head to the concrete get this plane going I’ll hold off whatever zombies
come all right starting engines up landing stance we are fully online and
ready to go Oh baby we got ourselves a working airplane hold
on this might be a little bumpy alright pull her up hi Logan looks like everything
stabilized skin.take just a little bit to fly there why don’t you grab some
rest I’ll take first control I’m pretty exhausted after what feels like an
eternity of fighting zombies and finding Raiders in our house I don’t know if I’m
gonna be able to sleep but I’m gonna give it a shot I’ll put this gunship to use what do you
mean get close to the LZ brother we got zombo’s everywhere here control the guns
put them on the screen when I tell you to your job taking out those zombies looks
like we’re gonna have to parachute down though nowhere to land this plane
parachute cheek I don’t know how to parachute well they’ll get I don’t know
how to land the plane so what do you want to do parachute or try and
crash-land okay now look I’m pretty sure these are parachutes I’m not 100% sure
because they were the bandits but they look like parachutes what you’re gonna
want to do is clip it on this line Oh see we written turbulence I’m not even
get role in the plane right now here put this on quickly quickly on the parachute okay all right once we jump aim for
anywhere in the forest and we’ll regroup you’re gonna clip it on the rail system
once you jump this should pull your parachute out okay just follow my lead
you’ll be all right we’ll be on the ground in no time
okay all right I’m clip it on alright alright guys it’s time to parachute down
here I’m gonna need all of your help to do this so I want you to smack that like
button just destroy that like one with all of your likes
I think I’ll safely land in the ground or we don’t get enough like scientists
but we’re not gonna let that happen and guys don’t forget to smash that
subscribe button the bell button so you see what happens when we jump out of
this plane alright look here goes

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