62 countries are controlling entry from South Korea

62 countries are controlling entry from South Korea

more and more countries are restricting
entry from South Korea to deal with some cases where people have been mistreated
the Korean government is stepping up efforts on the diplomatic front moon
conn-young reports more than 60 countries are restricting the entry of
people traveling from South Korea either through stronger quarantine measures or
outright entry bans as a Friday 30 countries are now banning people
traveling from South Korea from entering its territory an increase of eight from
the day before with Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago among the latest to join the
list thirty-two other countries strengthened their entrance screening
procedures Vietnam Croatia Ukraine and Iceland are the latest to up their
screenings Croatia is conducting a six to ten hour quarantine and visitors who
have been in South Korea or China in the last two weeks and Iceland has ordered
travelers from South Korea to self quarantine and avoid contact with others
despite more countries imposing entry bans South Korea’s foreign minister
chung hong-won said Thursday that diplomatic efforts are underway to
tackle such issues we have strongly protested to some governments that took
such measures without prior notice our diplomatic missions are actively
negotiating with other countries so we don’t see any more situations that may
baffle our nationals she added that even as confirmed Cova 19 cases are on the
rise the assessment by the international community and the w-h-o is that they
trust South Korea’s capacity to deal with the
outbreak moon geun-young arirang news

11 thoughts on “62 countries are controlling entry from South Korea

  • This is awful. I usually fly Korean Air between the US and Southeast Asia with a layover in Seoul. Now that would be a problem. Hope this virus situation will pass soon.

  • Why are they still traveling in the middle of an epidemic 😤 Then act surprised and angry when asked to be quarantined

  • There pouring into America. Come to spread it around. They are fleeing for their lives but what are they bringing with them? CDC is useless. No check no test no quarantine just walk right in. I listened for 30 minutes to the CDC'S briefing to the media. We are prepared for preparedness she made absolutely no since none. They aren't prepared and are doing nothing. She has the same syndrome that seems to plaque most politicians a lot of talk that says nothing answers no questions no content. Dazed and confused. Great. One Doctor that has followed this from the start stated "your on your own" no joke. So the stupid will do nothing and be calling for help. Do something pray prepare stay calm. Stay out of crowds. There are a lot worse things than being alone.

  • North Korea has new innivative drugs against the corona desease, called Kumdang 2 and Royal Blood Fresh: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kURx8aGSQsQ&t=0s

  • Korean pls stay in, dont travel around.

    I lived in korea and no surprise for the rate of spread cuz of their hygine and food cluture.

    Everyone puts their chopsticks into the same dishs and eat raw foods. Rarly wash hands and sneeze without covering. And they are told to work even when sick. Maybe same as China.
    Stastic says one of three in population have latent tuborclousis.

    Well they will learn it from this case.

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