1983 NATO vs Warsaw Pact – Who would have won WW3 (Part 3)

1983 NATO vs Warsaw Pact – Who would have won WW3 (Part 3)

December the 20, 1983. World War 3 started in November. After 40 days, the Warsaw Pact armies have reached the River Rhine. They have an enormous numerical advantage over NATO 50.000 tanks, 30.000 cannons, 4.000.000 men. it appears impossible to drive them back. The general Bernard Rogers, the NATO commander, thinks that NATO has no option other
than to use nuclear weapons. After a brief consultation with the other Allied leaders, President Reagan gives permission for the use of tactical nuclear weapons December the 22nd, six o’clock in the morning. The USS Iowa, in the Norwegian sea, launches 32 Tomahawk cruise missiles each with a 50 KT yield. For comparison, the Hiroshima bomb was 16 kilotons. The targets are the bridges over the Vistula River from Danzig to Warsaw all the way until Krakau They are followed by the launch of eight Polaris A3 ballistic missiles by the Royal Navy’s “RESOLUTION” class submarine “HMS Revenge” each missile has three warheads with a power of 200 KT At 11 o clock an F-111A launches six AGM-69 SRAM missiles with warhead of 17 KT, over the targets that have not been sufficiently damaged. Pandora box has been opened. The nuclear war begins. The choice of the targets was a political decision. West German Chancellor Kohl refused to authorize the launch of nuclear weapons in the German territory He does not want Germany turned into a nuclear moonscape. Mitterand too does not want nukes in Germany. not because he loves the Germans but because with the windy winter weather, a bombing in Germany could contaminate vast areas in France No nukes have been used on the Soviet Union and only tactical nukes against military targets in a relatively limited zone. NATO hopes to avoid retaliation. it is a vain hope. From the viewpoint of the victims the difference between “tactical” and “strategic” nuclear weapons is negligible From Warsaw to Moscow, Reporters are describing an apocalyptic scenario with 2 million death. Some Swedish media are speaking out about at least 300,000 dead and another 300,000 are likely to die due to the fall out, if they are not properly sheltered. The CIA estimates that 25,000 Polish citizens are probably dead. After 24 hours there is the Soviet retaliation. SS-20 ballistic missiles lauched from the Ural Mountains hit the air base in Aviano (Italy) and the city of Antwerp (Belgium) the site of important Harbor. the targets are hit with 3 150 kiloton warheads. The Soviets often used multiple warheads due to warheads unreliability. The nukes detonate close to each other in a triangular pattern to cause the maximum damage. December the 23rd. A SS-22 ballistic missile hits the NATO’s
supreme headquarters north of Mons (Belgium) with a single 500 KT warhead. The speed and the short flight time of the SS-20 missiles gives NATO no chance to defend the targets. The aircraft carriers at sea are difficult to hit they move too fast and the datas provided by the Soviet satellites are too dated and they cannot be used to lauch a missile but the USS Kennedy, which is supporting the Israeli divisions in Beirut is very close to the Syrian coast. too close. A direct observation is possible. At 9:00 p.m. four SS-20 ballistic missiles deployed in the southern Ural Mountains are launched against the USS Kennedy. A total of 12 warheads hit the waters off the lebanese coast three of them malfunction but one warhead detonates one kilometer from the aircraft-carrier. It sweeps the carrier deck and breaks the hull. the USS Kennedy is sunk. During the night, a S-23 180 millimeter heavy cannon fires two 1 kiloton nuclear shells on Dormagen, in Germany It hits the positions of the US 170th Infantry Brigade and the German 26th parachute division. A Frog-7, with a 1 kiloton warhead hits Bredeveen in the Netherlands where the US 2nd Cavalry Regiment is entrenched Patriot missiles fail to stop the Frog-7. The first line troops are already dispersed and sheltered in bunkers and fortifications The losses are contained. The Soviets used fewer nuke bombs than NATO used and no nuke bomb were used on France and on the United Kingdom. both nations have nuclear arsenals that could be employed in retaliation. The Soviets are hoping to avoid a nuclear escalation. it is another vain hope. The NATO response is immediate almost simultaneous to Soviet launches. an aircraft F/A-18 drops B-61 nuclear bombs with 0.3 kiloton yield on the Soviet 9th “Guards” Tank Division on theoutskirts of Mannheim. LANCE ballistic missiles with Neutron warheads hit troop concentrations and ammunition depots in Dortmund, the already devastated city of Frankfurt, and Bocum. 0.5f kiloton nuclear bullets fired by 155 millimeter howitzer hit the Soviet 32nd Infantry Division at Duisburg. Two MGM-52 Lance ballistic missiles fall on the East German 8th Motorized Division at Essen December 24th, 6:00 a.m. Christmas Eve. A B-52H from the British base of Greenham Common launches a AGM-86 ALCM nuclear cruise missile on Smolensk It’s a major transportation junction between Soviet and European rail systems Russian mothandland has been hit. There will be vengeance. December 25th. The nuclear ballistic missile submarine “Akula” TK-208 “Dmitrij Donskoj” NATO name “Typhoon” is hidden under the ice pack of the deep Arctic Ocean With a weight of 48,000 tons, 175 metres length, and the crew of 160 persons the Akula is the largest submarine ever built It’s armed with 20 SS-N-20 missiles, with
ten 100 kiloton nukes each with a range of 8,000 kilometers. At 7 o’clock, it receives a launch order for five missiles. No one in the crew knows what targets they are about to hit. But they know that the missiles are targeted on USA city. And they know what this means. Despite the Kremlin considering this only a retaliation for the bombing of Smolensk this will be the start of a nuclear exchange. But there is no other choice than to execute the order. In the Arctic night, the Akula slips out towards the launch position, near Spitsbergen Islands. The effect of nuclear weapons on the battlefield has been enormous. There are almost no fights. Troops are now only looking for shelter, They take cover wherever it is possible, in tunnels, trenches, using tanks as cover. and waiting out the storm. The soldiers are not really trained for a nucleat battle Nobody can really be trained for such a thing. meanwhile the commander of the Akula, let’s give him a name: Nikolay Brabaian, an Armenian 35 years old is taking too longer time to find a
good place for the launch. The Arctic polar ice-cap in winter is up to 20 meters thick the Akula can breakthrough up to 3 meters of ice but the commander is looking for a place with thinner ice The R- 29 missiles are rather fragile things. If thick ice is moving around, there is a risk that the missile hits an iceberg on its way up. Protected from detection by the ice, in strict radio silence the Akula continues to search. in the USA has been detected a huge flow of encrypted radio communications since 7:00 p.m. there is no way to decrypt them but the format the messages is very suspect. NATO tracks the position of the messages and the suspects are confirmed. the Soviets have alerted a submarine under the polar ice pack. NATO knows that there are Delta 3 and the “Typhoon” nuclear ballistic
missile submarines hidden somewhere under the Arctic ice. there is no real possibility of finding them. the ice is incredibly noisy. it disrupts sensors and it can hide the loudest Soviet submarine. Reagan has two choices: start a nuclear first attack, transforming the World War 3 to a full nuclear war by launching over 3200 nukes on1,000 sites in the Soviet Union. The Soviets will retaliate killing at least 40 million Americans. it will be difficult to be reelected, in 1988. The other choice is to wait, and see what happens. Reagan chooses to wait. 03.00 a.m. the Akula reaches a good launch position, a patch of water of with thin ice near the edge of the ice pack, off the Queen Elizabeth Islands. Now it has to break the ice then it will launch all missiles one every 12 seconds. The launch has to be done as quickly as possible. When a submarine starts surfacing through the ice it’s very noisy, like a car accident which goes on for several seconds. For sure, all NATO units in that zone are hunting for the Akula. Only the Kremlin knows the targets. Augusta Boston Detroit Norfolk Charleston 10 atomic warheads each. Not all the nukes will hit the targets. Most of these cities are well-protected and some of the nukes will be defective but there will certainly be massive destructions. But the commander of the Akula, with the consent of the political commissar asks again the confirmation. To communicate, the Akula uses radio buoys. They program the message, leave, then the message is transmitted later. it’s a very secure method but it will take six hours to have an answer. these six hours will be crucial The diplomats and the cooler minds are working feverishly to prevent further nuclear escalation Someone starts to understand that he will not just lose the war but the life December the 27th at 00.50 hours
(Moscow time) Gromyko calls Reagan on the nuclear hotline. This is the first time that a member of the Soviet collective leadership has contacted the US president We don’t know what they said in their conversation but after the call, both sides agree to a ceasefire. The confirmation launch order for the Akula will never arrive The last casualties are on the morning of December 27th on a dirt road in the Alps in Austria where an italian platoon who has known nothing of the cessation of hostilities fires on ukrainian soldiers in a mortar position after this, it is quiet on all fronts. In the following days the cease-fire became an armistice based on the return on the status quo ante bellum Americans dangerously insisted on nothing but an unconditional victory . the British too want tio continue the war. but although they have not yet received nukes the luck cannot last forever the Germans, the Italians and the French are more than satisfied watching the Soviets return home this war must stop. A fight with Russia is not like bullying Serbia The Warsaw Pact withdraw from occupied
countries rather quickly. Some units even disband leaving the heavy equipments and
simply returning home. NATO claims victory. They expelled the Soviets from their countries after an unprovoked attack. Soviets too claim victory. They prevented a NATO’s nuclear attack and the threat of the nuclear missiles
stationed in Europe is removed. there will never be a peace conference. Warsaw Pact and NATO officially remains in the state of war. Now it’s time for reconstruction. large sections of Europe have been trashed for the third time in less than 70 year. the life in Europe will be austere for the next years However the war was violent but short. The governments function normally industry and infrastructures are not too damaged agricultural capability is intact. Large destructions are relatively limited to few cities the ones bombed with nukes. urban fighting has not taken place anywhere on a large scale Rebuilding the cities starts soon after the war as happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. there is an increase in cancer mortality but the radiations of the nukes lose lot
potential after some years an atomic explosion is different from an accident like Chernobyl because a nuclear power plant has an enormous quantity of uranium. with the exception of Mons, all nukes used in Europe exploded in the air. the nukes detonated high enough and the firebal ldidn’t touch the ground. an air burst is the optimum method to destroy a city since it maximizes the area covered with the blast But the area hit by an air burst usually does not suffer significant lingering radiation The hot air takes most of the fallout into the upper atmosphere where it dilutes and decays. before falling back to the earth. Germany is in bad shape. it’s the chief battle ground in Europe, so no surprise here Belgium and the Netherlands too are in bad shape. They were on the front line for weeks Italy had a city hit by nukes and a lot of Scud and aerial bombing over the Northern cities Poland is the most destroyed country. France has the Atlantic harbours destroyed and almost all airports wrecked. but Paris is not even damaged, only some broken windows. London suffered less devastation than during four years of German carpet bombing, during WW2 Spain, Portugal and Greece had only some sporadic bombing here and there Turkey something more. In the northern regions of Norway there is almost not a single house
intact but the rest of the country has few damages Austria had not great battles on its soil. only their mountains have been bombed by both sides for quite a while. Soviet Union suffers supply shortages and famine however the Great Patriotic War was far worse. Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Czechoslovakia are devastated in all the communication systems but the cities are almost intact. In Denmark most of the damages are due to NATO air and naval bombings against the entrenched Polish occupation troops Europe will rise again as done after every conflict of the last century will Europeans learn to live in peace without inventing craps like European Union or at least not to fight a world war on their own soil? we don’t know. Australia and New Zealand are intact with casualties only in the Korean War. The United States are now the only superpower as in the previous World Wars. They are not hit in their own territory they keep the war at distance USA come out from the war in a better shape than before. in the aftermath of the war all the green, communist parties and leftist
movements across Europe are gone. hammers and sickles disappear wherever possible. Western culture considers progressives not only useful idiots, but enemies. Yuri Andropov die in February 9 1984 With a war crisis still going on the new General Secretary of the Communist Party will not be the sick Chernenko Romanov, strengthened by his connections to the military, is elected. in some, way after 70 years, a Romanov is again on the Russian throne. Romanov is a hardliner there will be no perestroika, no glasnost and the Soviet Union will not dissolve. The separatists will be crushed, like in Grozny. Only the Baltic States will gain the independence, in January 1987 allowing the presence of Soviet bases on their soil After the war, Soviet Union is isolated. All Western nations limit trade and shippings to them but unlike Germany in World War one and World War two the Soviets have the resources to sustain
themselves although with lot of troubles and this situation cannot last forever. Russia will follow the same economical path made by China in our timeline made of reforms without endangering power of the leadership they will even place some orders for Boeing, to keep USA quiet The Warsaw Pact disbands quickly, 1984, November 4th. Elections in Poland. Solidarnosc wins. December 18th, Hungary Elections with a multi-party system. June 27th 1985: Václav Havel becomes president of Czechoslovakia July 30th. Romania Nicolae Ceausescu is overthrown and executed with his wife Elena August 1st 1985 the Berlin wall is breached and Germany is reunified after the fall of Warsaw Pact There will be a Marshall Plan headed by Jimmy Carter to reconstruct Poland. Middle East peace process will be a difficult issue, as always. but after a nuclear war the long-lasting Middle East conflict is a problem no one cares about and there’s no shortage of factions that you can pay a reasonable price to fight each other keeping them busy. All communist revolutionary armies everywhere in Latin America are repressed using violence, without drawing much notice. The communist militias are useful in street fighting but they don’t last long against serious troops the naval blockade on Cuba continued and after four months they have enough. there is a military coup led by Arnaldo Ochoa former commander of the expeditionary Corps in Angola and during this war, in Nicaragua Castro flees into exile in Moscow
helped by a Soviet Brigade in Cuba Yugoslavia falls apart soon, in 1986. North and South Korea remained divided the leadership of Seoul does not want a reunited Korea the cost of rebuilding North Korea would be crushing. Japan is rearming rapidly after the war, with all that it implies. The nuclear power become the greatest source of energy. Having survived a nuclear bombings, people is now less scared by the civilian nuclear power The incidents are barely noticed by the media the threat of the annihilation of the human species by nuclear bombs is a problem but if you really want to anger the people tell them you’ll rise the energy prices the United Nations, useless as always, are dissolved after the war as the League of Nations after World War two there are no helps to Africa.
Europe has its hands full famine devastates Africa. so here nothing has changed. future historians will discuss on who is
to blame for this war if the war was really launched to preempt an attack that never existed it would be the stupidest war of all time after world war one. we will never know if “ABLEA RCHER” was the cover of a real nuclear attack or not. the USA deny the accusations. The Soviets attacked without any reason they invaded half Europe causing 1.500.000 deaths all over the world However NATO started the nuclear war and some NATO’s pre-war actions were dangerously provocative When a NATO aircraft violated the Soviet airspace When an american submarines entered their naval bases they were playing with fire Russian historians will put the blame on Reagan. From their perspective it wasn’t such a great idea to provoke the Soviets by calling them “evil empire” installing Pershings all over europe. but almost all histories of World War three will be written by Americans or their allies so for the next 100 years Soviet Union will be compared to Nazism
and Warsaw Pact to Axis Reagan will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for being the man who end the World War 3 and now? I would love to tell you that, after this
war people has learned to live in peace and harmony and the war is never a solution. unluckily, the world leaders learned a different lesson. The lesson they learned is that a nuclear war doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the World A nuclear war can be survived and won. some tens of nuclear detonations and the smoke in the atmosphere from burnings in cities and factories had negligible climate effects: a global cooling of only a couple of degrees as happened after big volcanic eruptions
such as Tambora 1815. The lesson the World learned is that the nukes are the only weapons that matter no possessing nuclear weapons is the number one cause of being targeted with nukes any governments hurry to get nukes as they are the only guarantor of survival. Seven countries are already nuclear powers. in the following years, other countries will develop the nuclear technology. Germany Italy Sweden Switzerland Netherlands Canada South Korea North Korea Japan
Australia Brazil India Pakistan Other nations will buy nukes from them. year 1991. Iraq invades Kuwait. Saddam Hussein has an unspecified number of nukes the French sold them to Iraq. Saudi Arabia has nukes, purchased from USA. Iran is a Nuclear Power, thank to Soviet technology. Have fun

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  • Enjoyed part 1 and 2 but this is not the way it would have gone. NATO would not have used nukes first. The Soviets would have seen the polaris launches and assumed it was a first strike. So unfortunately this series stumbled at the last fence.

  • Einstein said it best: I have no idea what the weapons used in World War 3 would be, but I do know the ones to be used in the war after that: clubs and rocks…

  • I Remember, When you play "Operation Flashpoint Resistance and Red Hammer, Cold War Crisis", single-mode game (if you are killed by an AI player), the game will show you are dead and something has been written at the bottom the screen War is Not Nice! By Barbara Bush

  • why do you keep using serbia as an example when the yugoslav wars havent even started yet you are breaking the fourth wall for no reason :/

  • Hmmm. There is a script error here: if Andropov authorizes a surprise attack on november, 11th 1983, how come he died in february, 9th 1983?

  • I "Diavoli Rossi" avevano la possibilità dietro ordine e pianificazione del governo italiano e delle forze NATO di bombardare con bombe nucleari tattiche B-61-13 le città di Budapest e Praga dopo l'invasione delle truppe Unghero-Sovietiche dall'Austria (Neutrale!) e conseguentemente dell'invasione dell'italia del nord (con relativa nuclearizzazione sovietica di città con basi militari come Venezia e Ghedi).

    Se vuoi approfondire: http://ricerca.repubblica.it/repubblica/archivio/repubblica/2005/05/14/la-bomba-atomica-su-vienna-venezia.html https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aeroporto_di_Brescia-Ghedi

    Ho anche visto la popolazione di Ghedi in torno all'anno 1962 (anno di questi piani di invasione del patto di Varsavia) 11.000 persone viventi solo a Ghedi secondo i dati di Wikipedia… se calcoliamo gli abitanti di Venezia, Vienna, Praga e Budapest di allora e facciamo alcune stime delle vittime (solo dell'esplosione degli ordigni atomici!) sarebbe stata una strage perchè parliamo di morti in torno ai milione di morti, dove non tengo conto dei morti per la guerra convenzionale e per le conseguenze delle atomiche (radiazioni, ecc.).

  • African situation: South Africa apartheid gov survives and still in power as of 2020 but its a bit more liberal than it was in the 1980s, supports anti communist rebellions in Mozambique, South African counter invasion of Angola in 1984 results in the UNITA under Jonas Savimbi taking control of Angola, Renamo defeat the Frelimo in Mozambique. South Africa invades Zimbabwe in the 90s after a spate of border incidents and fears that ZImbabwe is trying to get Chinese nukes. (interesting war as there are some North Korean and Chinese troops in Zimbabwe training and acting as advisers to the Zimbabwean armed forces, they also fight the SADF). 2nd Congo war is over when Rwandan and rebel Congolese troops take control of Kinshasa in a rapid offensive(note: no Angolan intervention).

  • So two questions

    1. Was that you in the video as the general??
    2. Do you think Defend Europe 2020 will likely be treated like Able Archer 1983?

  • Excellente result ! Aftermath ! Fear nuclear war is real ! Proliferation of nuclear weapons is a real issue. The nations are gamble in a wrong assumption. We can survive and is possible! Did not learn! Next, World War 4 North Hemisphere vs Southern Hemisphere! 2022 -2029. Maybe and Again ? Agree!

  • The Soviets would not retreat from the territories they'd taken before the ceasefire agreement. So, in this scenario, they would keep the Denmark, Germany and Netherlands in their hands.

  • Cultural effects of ww3:
    – Reagan-worship knows no bounds as he is remembered for providing strong leadership throughout the bulk of the war.
    – WW3 films become all the rage throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s. WW2 films and WW1 films less prevalent – films like Saving Private Ryan might be butterflied away or reworked to fit into a WW3 context.
    – Technothriller authors scramble to try and find a way to recoup from real life eclipsing their work. Tom Clancy takes a break from writing fiction and instead collaborates with historians and veterans to create a massive non-fiction novel detailing the Third World War through the eyes of soldiers, politicians, and civilians on both sides. Entitled something like Red Storm Realized or The Eagle and the Bear, the work is hailed as Clancy's magnum opus upon it's release in 1993. Meanwhile, Harold Coyle writes a book detailing his personal experiences in the war, comparing his fictional scenario in Team Yankee with the real thing.

  • You aré wrong about Argentina…
    We had More nuclear capability than Brasil.
    We would be selling nuclear weapons to them. Research More please, we even sold a nuclear reactor to Australia dingus…

  • Yes, Zvallid knows the truth that the UN, NATO and its allies are craps…
    They are also evil btw…
    Or is Russia really the good one?
    Compare the US with Babylon hehe

  • This was a well done series. I enjoyed it. But, this version of WW3 was essentially over the second Reagan authorized the first 50kt nuke. Since 1949, there can be no such thing as a limited nuclear war. Each and every side would have used everything they had and the cockroaches would have been the ultimate victors.

  • I don't think the WP would agree, all those lives, the 'Crème de la crème' of their troops and countless others lost, just to return back? I also think NATO would accept the loss of West Germany.

    And also, you have a hardliner in moscow, yet he allows the overthrow of the NSWP nations? Unless it was violent. It was only Gorbachev who allowed the Collapse of the late 80s.

  • Really enjoy the series but feel like your part 4 is too much wishful thinking, especially in places like Poland where any government that came to power would be nationalistic and very much antagonistic toward the West that had bombed them. We see this in conflicts all over the world where the two sides bomb each other. The Marshall plan for Germany and Japan after world war 2 is very much cutting against the historic norm. The Poles may not love Russia but they are just as likely to hate the Germans, British, American and French that bombed their country.

    The tactical use of nukes would spur both sides to the peace table but I don't see the Soviet's withdrawing, where ever the front line was on armistice is what the new borders became. The DDR now has to deal with managing more people and land that haven't been under their sway for decades. Probably guerrilla fighting too.

    The Warsaw Pact and Soviet Union stick around while China continues to rise or else experiments with democracy and splits apart. The failings of socialism and the devastation of the war would see the Soviets/proxies returning to looser economic controls like NEP of the 1920s. The country probably abandons communism but for the millions that fought and died in the war, especially in Smolensk, the war serves to bind a new generation of people to the Union.

    Have to wonder if the invasion or liberation of Kuwait would still happen. Afghanistan doesn't fall so no 9/11…or least no Taliban which is a win despite what Reagan at the time would have thought. Western Europe experiences a refugee crisis of Germans and Austrians fleeing to escape communism. Much different than Syrians of today.

    Sorry for this 'blog' size comment but really do enjoy the videos and time it took to make them. Something I'm wondering about with either my own prediction or that of your video, is what would Americans really think? Would we see a ww1 malaise where someone like Pat Buchanan can rise to the top under the belief that American boys died oversea's for foreigners and achieved nothing at great cost? A return to status quo might make the war look pointless for both sides except that the West doesn't oppress free speech and so democracy could ironically usher in more isolation.

    The EU might still occur but I doubt there would be room for Syrian refugees or the sense of western guilt after having fought a massive war. Yugoslavia would probably degenerate but then again that relies on Milosevic coming to power. Would Arab Spring, Gulf War or 9/11 still happen and if not, what might replace them? AQ could still set up bases in Somalia in 90s.

    Today its very hard to justify to an american why they should spend trillions for Iraqi's and Afghans, much less lives. The idea of Americans losing the entire country in a shooting war for Latvia, Georgia or Ukraine is equally unpopular amongst the people. Only politicians and the military industrial complex give NATO a reason to exist post-cold war and endanger the US for the sake of foreign nations. America post ww3 might actually ironically become war shy as tactical nukes are now something that seems acceptable, turning conflict between super powers MORE not less likely.

    The reason the US never invaded North Vietnam is because they fear a much larger war with China and USSR, post ww3 the same rational applies over something like Kosovo, Iraq, Iran, etc.

  • 3:18 si capisce lo stesso, ma il discorso sarebbe meglio così:
    "Il sito di un importante porto" o "scalo marittimo" per evitare la cacofonia con "importante"

  • 9:57 suggerisco di sostituire con:
    "i sovietici restituirebbero pan per focaccia"
    un modo di dire sostituito da un altro modo di dire

  • 22:13 traduzione corretta, ma la definizione precisa in italiano è "Impero del Male"
    immagina GUGOLare "impero malvagio" al posto della locuzione passata alla storia, nella versione nostrana perlomeno

  • Giudizio sui 3 video:

    Allora, ho fatto un numero imprecisato di commenti di correzione dei sottotitoli in italiano, quindi modificabili, non quelli in inglese impressi nel video

    Non deve esser visto come un atteggiamento malevolo, mi è garbata moltissimo la serie, ma la mia natura di #UomoPigna mi obbliga a pignolizzare sempre e comunque 😄

    Ho fatto una playlist, adesso che la serie è conclusa e la SPAMmerò ovunque ai miei contatti di Telegram
    👋ciao😇 zvallid

  • Hm-m… Why did you think soviet arny was "unprepared" to full-scale warfare w/ tactical nukes?
    That was the main SU doctrine in case of war up to mid 80s, and soldiers were specially prepared based on experience of totskoye training(over 50k soldiers and 50kt real(!) nuke).
    Just as example(can't find original, link to video instead): youtube.com/watch?v=OCljsPFgZpY
    Amother example(strategical part, very complex): militera.lib.ru/science/rendulic_l/index.html

  • Hey bro, i want to req:US vs German nazi in ww2 when the Soviet and other country do not give the help to US and German

  • Bullshit…. At point USSR could have send entire western Europe. U. S. couldn't do anything about it, that's why Senate passed a legislation to use nukes. This is a part of history. You can't bs shit that.

  • I burst out laughing at "It will be difficult to be reelected in 1988" if Reagan initiates a full nuclear volley.
    He's more worried about surviving 4 days than 4 years! Still, I enjoy your version of these scenarios very much.

  • I do not agree with this overly right leaning ending. In reality, the German Green Party movement in West Germany, at it's political height in the 80's, would have no doubt won in the event of nuclear weapons being used on Germany and pushed Germany towards an Isolationist, anti-Nuclear politically Left position. This video assumes the EU would simply go away, like the League of Nations, but that's comparing apples to oranges. It's more than likely there would be a greater push for rather than a European regional government, the EU, of free trade and open travel/borders in Europe, there would be a push and proposal for a new global order, in the wake of nuclear weapons being used on civilian populations. The new EU system will include the Soviet Union and it's satellite states and nations across the globe, becoming a global organization rather than simply a regional organization. Anti-nuclear Green parties would gain massive support throughout Europe and North America, winning a 10-15% electorate to gain actual government power.

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