Altruism in horses – Shetland pony defends little foal against stallion

Altruism it’s a term that’s used when somebody does something for somebody else without getting his own benefit So that’s called altruism. Here we see little Tibor and Pirata I decided to call him Pirata , who was a very famous bullfighters horse. The small guy, nevermind Here we see them running and it’s A […]


when I think of Shetland I think about the ever cold wind. The secludedness of this island far away from any city. The long single track winding and roads And the coastline that goes on for miles and miles it’s landscape is like no other with the cliffs sculpted by rough Wind and seas battering […]

B24-J Liberator Bomber “Milady” | DJI Mavic Air | Wagait Beach | Drone Kings in Darwin

B24-J LIBERATOR AIRCRAFT WRECK SITE Dedicated to the loss of the American Airmen who were on board the plane “Miladys” last resting place Intercoolers “Miladys” the aircraft Vertical bomb rack The site MY GOD THESE MEN ARE A FLYING CIRCUS Brigadier General Eugene Eubank

Mavic Air Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve Cinematic Drone Footage in 4K with Coffee Music

Today we’re at fogg dam it’s about 45 minutes south of Darwin we were here probably five months ago six months ago six we want to come back out here again today take a look at the area see what’s happening since the wet season supposed to change dramatically from the dry season if you […]

Master of Business Administration at USM

I wanted to get an MBA originally because I was kind of a mid-level, lower level, entry level kind of person in the nonprofit sector. Which in Maine is very competitive. and so I wanted that leg up over all of the competition and also wanted that authentic management foundation that I could apply to […]

Les “Grind” – ou comment tradition est synonyme de meurtre

Hello everyone and welcome to Sea And Human. Today we are going to talk about a very sensitive subject although still valid today. The question we are going to try to answer is, under cover of tradition, can we tolerate all the wildest and most barbaric rites… If I tell you that 1500km from Paris, […]

Make a Patchwork Infinity Scarf with Rob!

Recently my dear friend Emily gave my wife Jenny a beautiful patchwork infinity scarf made from wool. Well I found this incredible flannel bundle and I thought, Oh I’ve got to make one. Let’s get started. I must say I don’t believe I have found a flannel fabric that I like better. This is Robert […]

Seth Rollins counters Brock Lesnar and unleashes on The Beast: SummerSlam 2019